Scared To Be Lonely (feat. Dua Lipa) [8-bit Bitpop/Chiptune Cover]

Made with C64 sounds only + vocals

Surprise! Hey, do me a favour, don’t play this through your smartphone speaker, use headphones at least for the finer detail in this arrangement.

I’ve stopped half way through another song I’ve been working on because I was just so compelled to do this song after hearing while driving to Burpengary last night. I was compelled because that moment in time when I heard it while driving, three people came to mind. This one is for them.

Also, I’m doing away with animated videos in favour of stills. I want the music and not the video to be the focal point. Listen to those 6581’s sing! I wanted the vocal to particularly stand out in this track but there are many layers of 6581 goodness underneath, carrying this lyric.

Made with love,

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