Scattle - I Live (Dubstep, Chiptune)

Hey guys! Just figured I’d share my first song in Renoise that Im really happy with :)

Tell me what you think!

nice tune! were any plugins used?

Hey, thanks!

Nope! just lots of samples, haha :D

Wow! It’s very nice and quite impressive !

But IMHO it’s too short !

It is a very ‘dense’ track : lots of melodies, riffs, FX/automations… in such a short amount of time. Maybe you could ‘distillate’ all those elements in a longer track, that would be really cool to listen. Just considering the human ear&brain needs time to adapt to the music… Most of the time, with a track, you’ll want to tell a story to your listener. On your track I didnt feel we have enough time to appreciate all those elements to their true value because they’re all condensed, and I feel kinda frustrated about that. Like if the story was playing on 8x speed, and I could’nt catch it. This is sad because there is a real potential going on !

My suggestions would be : try to find a ‘chorus’/refrain from the patterns you made, make it appear twice at least
Try to extend the intro
Dont let this chiptune synth appear to quickly (from the beginning)
Try to get an outro
Try some more variations on drum patterns to make it evolve
Don’t be afraid to be boring if you’re going (a bit) repetitive, this often helps to create the ambiance and soul of the track.

Don’t blame me if what you wanted to do was experimental stuff… It’s just that I’m used to listening some ‘mainstream’ dubstep and my comment is oriented in this direction, and as I said, I’m commenting “IMHO” :) .

Awesome stuff anyway !