[SCH-131] ghostwerk - "SHADOW FUNCTION+" LP out on Schematic

a wild ghostwerk LP appears!! 16 tracks of hexadecimal funk insanity out now on cassette/digital via schematic records !!!

only @ https://schematicmusiccompany.bandcamp.com/album/shadow-function

ah man you should post a video of yourself making this awesome beats :slight_smile:

didnt knew Schematic music was a label from miami … i live here in miami Southwest damn i need to get in touch with other producers here

Greetings to Florida Rolf

I like the flow of the album. It starts in high gear, rushing through downtown traffic, some seriously fast electro beats going through footworky territory before settling on a more melancholic/melodic vibe.

It’s nice to hear such a development spread over several tracks (I blame this on my eclectic taste :D)

And the sound is CRISP. Lo-fi crisp!!

variety is the spice of life !! : )