Schizo Frantic - New Track By Ryan Mcallister

yo people. i’m fairly new to renoise. seems to be a pretty cool tool for making beats. i made a little something up last week, thought i’d link you guys. check it out if you have the time, and if you are super bored write something back to let me know what you think…although i have read that forum topic about why people don’t like giving feedback so whatever. -the song is called Schizo Frantic

oh and by the way, the hater comments about how much people hate breakcore and how i’m “just trying to be venetian snares” are unnecessary. i do want to be venetian snares. i do want to have the control over his music that he has, his precise drum editing. that would be dope. so i’m working towards that for now, when i get there, or when i get bored with trying, then i’m gonna start making something a little more me. the art can come later once i figure out the paintbrush.

thanks guys,

If you consider yourself as a Renoise newbie, this is really impressive.

Sorry for hijacking this thread, but would you consider giving us feedback about Renoise in exchange (in the general discussion forum)?
What you love, what you hate, what took a long time to understand what not, whats still a misery for you in Renoise and so on.

Also for all others who come from a non “tracker” background and consider themself as newbies: Any feedback/stories about your first days/weeks with Renoise or is very very welcome!

very nice Ryan. good variation of styles on there.
what are you using for that delay on the dub remix?

Thanks a lot taktik, what counts as a newbie? I’ve been working intensively in Renoise for about a month. Does that count? haha. Anyways, sure, I can write up some praise for the program if you would like. Is there a specific thread somewhere for me to post a reply, or do I need to start a new one?

Thanks again, out of the tunes on that myspace page, Schizo Frantic is the only one that has been produced in renoise. It is my first and only renoise tune. For Kikpush DUB Edition, i was using a combination of a whole bunch of Ableton Live 7’s filter delays on auxillary tracks, triggering send levels on the instrument tracks with my Korg PadKontrol drum pad controller. This could easily be mimicked in renoise using a combination of the delays and filters. Thanks for the feedback though.

Yeah, that definitely counts as newbie ;)

And emh, no. I wasn’t really interested in praises, but constructive feedback. I’ve create this thread as a starting point: