Schranz / Ht Driving Percurssion

Hi there, for searching this info on net, and asking people for help, i really want to know how is driving percussion is made, ill attach sample with bassdrum, I want to know how to make exactly that one!

One guy told that recepients are:

I was trying to make it in renoise, but nothing, can anyone help please

easiest way is to just cut the 1st beat out of that ‘driving’ sample and then use that!

sure, but i want to start sample by my self

Try using the Drumatic VST instrument along with some Renoise distortion (just mess with the different settings) to get that grinding bass kick you’re looking for

Oh wait sorry … listened to that sample… and it sounds like it’s using the following effect chain on top of an 808 kick: reverb -> lowpass filter -> compressor

… so basically, again, use a Drumatic kick, there are 5 presets you can chose from or you can tweak away at the knobs… then stick an MPReverb dsp after it, followed by a Filter2 that’s set to lowpass… drop the cutoff on the lowpass until it sounds similar to the clip you posted… then put a compressor at the end of the chain, and shove ratio to max, tweaking threshold to taste

Here is a little template to play with for you. Simply try loading other kick sounds or play with some effect settings. That driving effect you mean is probably the reverb, which uses a predelay to get that little offbeat sound.

XRNS requires Renoise 1.91 and Arguru Stardust, which is really nice for squashing drums.


Thanx alot mates )) Now I wiil try your suggestions.

Beatslaughter, I have Renoise 1.9.0 demo, is there any way to convert this XRNS from 1.9.1 to 1.9.0?


Edit: Updated again, simply changing the doc version number didn’t work.

:) everything is working, Finaly I got what I want, thx, thx ,thx

that driving sound in your sample sounds like two fast subbass hits