Schranztastic Voyage

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:yeah: Some hihats would be nice though, but you’ve got that sound! Did you make that bassdrum yourself?

nice! , i thought the piano didnt fit to well… perhaps you could make it sound more old ? overall mix could use more bass… structure : killer. replay

Everything between 0:40 and 4:40 is top notch. ;)

Oh yes, great driving feel in that song!

It feels a bit unfinished for me though. Like SPDK said i’d liked more hihats, or actually more percussion stuff going on supporting the noise hats. The Kick could’ve been a bit louder and i’ve missed some filtered or flanged parts in it too. Maybe even a little breakdown. While the piano melody sounds nice it was totally unfitting for me in this song. Maybe for your next project try something with heavy detuned trance leads, but try to keep the melodies very simple. Maybe a bit like in that snippet from Krämer & Pogadl, which i really like. :)

Conclusion… more of this please!


Thanks for that feedback :)