Sci-fi drum and bass ideas

Hey there

so, it’s not finished, but I doodled out this little tune on the piano and thought “Hey lets try and make this a dnb track”.

But is this going anywhere? I feel it has some energy to it but I don’t know if it’s worth completing? What do you guys think?



Very cool intro. :slight_smile:

When i read “sci-fi drum and bass” i thought it gonna sound like this

or this

anyway, keep working

it’s cool but it need a lot more sub

try to layer a sinus around G2 (52 hz) under your lead

your kick need more punch perhaps just add a layer

the sci fi vibe is really good and well done

thanatos is right about the bass. I thought all dnb styles have some kind of paradigma inside, one of them normally being to keep the kick energy/priority in the sub range rather low in trade for intense mid/highbass punch in about 100-200 hz, as well as giving the sub range to massively presenting the the bass fundamental, with 808ish booms sometimes reinforcing kick drums in the low sub if it is wanted to make the room rattle and shatter on the downbeats. You seem to do the other way round, fat sub action on the kick but none so on the lead/bass thing that seems to live on the midrange bass freqs…havent listened with aid of a specanalyzer though, so I can’t tell the freqs I’m talking about right now.

The intro has cool atmosphere on it. Musically this isn’t wrong at all. But I feel the composition of different sounds puts ambience smeared sound with pretty dry and direct ones face to face in a way that doesn’t work so well, maybe you could try to move some of the more muffled sounds back up and give a little room to the direct synths?

The drums are kind of very off for this genre. I’d have expected snappy more aggressive stuff, centered on the sharp timbre, like with hipass/notchness hollow/sharp timbre on the snares, and lots of grit in the high freqs…while your drums lack punch and brightness and glue to the point of sounding muffled and detached from each other. Also the kick has some strong sub, but no attack in the higher bass freqs that would make it really bang through…it is more in the ambient than the drumnbass realms I feel.