Scope Enhancement...

OK, at the moment we have Track Scopes and a Master Scope.

Here are a few ideas…

  1. How about adding an extra scope in the form of a single Master Scope sized Track Scope.

I know we could just solo the track we want to analyze and use the Master Scope, but that is annoying when you are trying to listen to your whole song together.

The Track Scopes are too small to use for accurate frequency analysis, and the Master Scope just tells us what is on the Master, so another scope which functions the same as the Master Scope, but relates to the currently selected track would be cool.

  1. The EQ visualization on the EQ plugins is really small, so how about a function that can show a copy of what is happening in the EQ on the Master Scopes / Track Scope (if my first idea is implemented!).

This would effectively mean that the scopes give the same graphical readout as something like GlissEQ.

Have a look at this shoddy mockup…

awesome freeware spectrum /analyzer /osciloscope plugin

Yeah, I have plenty of ways to do it at the moment, I just wanted it built in (ie, I can get to it at the click of a button and it doesnt shag my cpu)

Check my original post. I added some more info!

Yeah that one is really nice, I like the ‘sync to lowpass zeros’ option a lot!

i think its a great idea,it would be usefull to have it renoise+1

There are tons of plugins out there… My personal favorite right now has to be apulSoft’s apEQ:

+1 Mr. Vadarfone.

Also, a slower response would be useful.

yes theres tons of nice plugs out there,but having this internally inside renoise would be really great,and i dont see why not to have this.

Very good idea. Although there are good plug-ins to use I still prefer this to be implemented as a native DSP which can be inserted wherever in the DSP chain, and present a big frequency analysis.


I would even go so far as to say it should not even be an insertable DSP.

It would be better hardwired into the interface somehow. I mean, this is just a logical progression from the already implemented Scopes, and they are not Track DSP effects.

I know the end result can be achieved with 3rd party plugs, and I also realise that this can be done with soloing and checking the current Master Scope, but my idea would improve the whole system of analysis.

And, yeah, as Dr.Skunk says… The response would need to be sorted too.

i like this,it would be really helpfull.

If it would be implemented as an native DSP you can insert it anywhere in the DSP chain and monitor the signal after/before any fx you desire. I really like the way it is in Live:

Again… How about both?

Or if not, how about a way to link the output to the Master Scope area; seems to be wasted space and a good idea half done at the moment…

Make the Master Scopes work for their real estate value!!!