Scratching effect using track pad?

I have never built a tool and have no background in coding.

Wondering if anyone has thought to build a formula device that would allow the trackpad to manipulate the cursor to speed up/slowdown/pause playback…?

I saw Nags built a tutorial for scratching in '07 but got some 404 responses when I attempted to click through.

I’d like to step up and teach myself how to build tools for Renoise using LUA this year. I know that the first thing you need is a “proper use case”.

anyhow, peace to all Renoise users on a global scale

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Scratching is possible with the fx commands Sxx und Uxx and Dxx. Not sure, how a tool can help here. You can also try to recreate this with the Renoise sampler: How To Scratch On Ableton | Scratching Tip - YouTube or Ultra-Realistic Scratching in FL Studio | NEW Technique Tutorial - YouTube