Scratching with Renoise

Hi guys, just a little question… does anyone know how to obtain the typical “hip-hop” :yeah: scratchy feel of the vinyl turntable? I mean something like the FruityLoops “WaveTraveller”…
Maybe some sample offset command?
any suggestion are welcome! :)

thanks! :guitar:

sample offsets are already implemented Backward too…so if that’s not sufficient, try analogX scratch or the skrubby from (destroy fx)

Hi, the mentioned sample backward is a really good working trick.
Here’s a little tutorial :) :


The samples are yours :)

A little vst called turntablist pro can be found here…

Hope this helps…


mmm you can’t download it. You have to buy the magazine ;) ;)


Thank you very much, guys! :D

I’ll try the VST and the tutorial as soon as possible… :guitar: :drummer: :guitar:

weren’t you making progressive rock?
what’s this scratching stuff up to you?
getting commercial? :o :angry: :P :)

err, what´s this?? Something like speedpolka? Or is it gothic?

Why not having a bit mo crosso?

Anyway I still recommend skrubby for scratching, it becomes esp. useful for spinbacks.

the definition of “progressive rock” was born a lot before “progressive dance”, which is in fact called this way BECAUSE of progressive rock’s composer Brian Eno doing experiments in electronic music during late 70’s and early 80’s, though now it doesn’t have anything still to do with progressive rock.


Check out bands like Genesis, Camel, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, King Crimson if interested.

Does anyone know if you can also download it for free???



no…non ti preoccupare, Napodano! :D non abbandonerò mai il progressive rock/metal (W dream theater! :yeah: :drummer: :guitar: ) è solo che in una canzone avevo bisogno di alcuni effetti di quel tipo ed allora avevo chiesto un po’ qui sul forum se qualcuno aveva già provato a farlo… :ph34r:

a presto…ciao!

PS: ho scaricato ed ascoltato altre canzoni dal tuo sito…complimenti davvero! sei molto bravo… :yeah: da quanto tempo usi i Trackers? io avevo cominciato con OctaMED su AMIGA(!) nel 1992…te lo ricordi?? :lol:
PS2: suoni qualche strumento? (“fisico”, intendo… :P) io la chitarra (semmai non era chiaro dal nick_name!)

@j_petrucci english please :)
glad to see that you’re still into prog stuff :D

I play drums and somehow I also play bass guitar and theremin, but I’m just mad at composing these times.

the virtual turntable is now free for downloadhere