My antivirus program found a

RemAdm-PSKill Trojan inside Scratching.xrns in the Renoise 1.9.0/Songs directory.


Perhaps if you uploaded your copy of scratching.xrns, someone could compare it for you and see if it’s been changed at the least.

BTW, you can upload suspect files to VirusTotal where it scans them with many AV programs.

I did with one file in the past and you can see they gave different results, many AVs failed (it was in fact a virus).

BYTE Smasher: Problem is, I’ve already removed the file, including the installer (I removed the installer right after I installed it)–I generally don’t mess around when my antivirus finds something, I generally delete instead of quarantine.

I use McAfee VirusScan 7 Enterprise that I got when I worked as a helpdesk technician at a college. It’s the only antivirus program I know of that doesn’t slow down the computer with its intrusiveness and unnecessary logs and phoning home for reasons other than getting updates, and it doesn’t give me popup windows for every little thing, the “we think what you’re about to do could be dangerous” crap–it also doesn’t have one of those intrusive security centers that make disabling the on-access scan a big process, and actually lets me disable it until I want to turn it back on instead of having to choose “for 15 minutes” and such, and I don’t have to deal with “are you sure” dialog boxes either. It’s the only one that I’ve found that doesn’t eventually start to cause major slowdowns. If someone knows of another one that matches these descriptions, let me know and I’ll give it a try. Even though the one I’m using is from 2003, it still gets updates.

Eset NOD32

Trying out that program. It doesn’t seem too bad. When I want to disable it, it still doesn’t let me just disable it in one swoop–I cant just right-click the icon in the tray and select “disable”, I have to open its control panel and disable each part of the antivirus individually and say yes when it asks “are you sure”. If you know how to at least disable the “are you sure” option, I’d be grateful. I just don’t get why they (they as in ALL the antivirus software now) want people to go through so many steps to disable it. At least it’s not like the NEW AVG that you literally CAN’T disable it at all–what crap software the new AVG is…

If you want a non-intrusive AV check out ClamWin. It only scans on demand right now, so it may not be what you’re looking for, but if you disable the tray icon it doesn’t run any processes at all -> performance friendly.

Why not just choose the quit option? Shuts the whole thing down in one click (well, 2 if you count clicking “yes” to confirm).

Anyway, I guess the reason I mentioned it, and the reason I like it so much, is because I never actually have to disable it for anything. It doesn’t interfere with my performance in any way during music, games, or whatever. It just sits there silently, updating itself every day, doing its job, and never bothering me with stupid shit.


any good freeware anti-virus programs out there? I’m using a firewall + trend micro online scanning at the moment, hate the way virus programs bog down a system. Staying of bad porn sites seems to work for me, system has been stable for a while :)

Avira AntiVir Personal Edition Classic is free and quite nice. Only downside is, that once a day when updating the databse a stupid popup dialog shows. I’ve found a way to block it on Windows XP though, just copy the regfile below into a new file, adjust the path so it fits to your system and doubleclick it to import it. It’s important, that you keep the four slashes as separator. I’ve never seen it again since then. :)


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00  
"Description"="Notifier blockieren"  
"ItemData"="C:\\\\Programme\\\\AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic\\\\avnotify.exe"  

thnx for the recommendation and hacker tip :)