Scream Music

Hello y’all!

So I thought it would be nice to introduce myself in the beginning. My name is Filip and I’ve bought Renoise a month ago, because I fell in love with it when I first saw it.
I think the strongest feat of it is a tracker interface and vertical grid which makes it so different. Also, community on IRC and here is great, and some of your tools are amazing!
I am learning myself how to design a sound a plugins by using SupeCollider, PureData and max/msp, so I would definitely want to create some Renoise tool as well, as my THANK YOU!

Apart from that I am using Ableton and teach people how to use it. Also I used to study at SSR, Electronic Music course.

My friend from Poland has just recently opened a music production school as well whee he teaches people about production. It’s a pity that it is focus on Ableton only, but I would like to teach Renoise there as well, because I think people should know this wonderful DAW and I would love to tell them about it. I wonder if there will be something like Renoise Certified Trainer in the future :slight_smile:

Also, the reason why I am writing this post is because we are trying to push Drum n Bass in Poland, mainly in Katowice and if you could like to help us or contribute, I would really appreciate it. Of course if you would like to play in Katowice in INQbator, which is a great club or collaborate with us, exchange some experience then feel free to contact me as well, I see no obstacles we have a set of events called ‘Open Decks’ where we are choosing best mixes and then those people are going to play in INQbator. Could be cool if you are interested :slight_smile:

If you would help me and just click simple LIKE button, I will repay you somehow by analyzing your track, giving a honest feedback or some technical advice if you would like to, or I could simply LIKE your page as well.

Hope that’s fair guys :slight_smile:

Sounds pretty good to me.

I’m always up for commentary on my music.

I like the idea of generating a good curriculum for Renoise, so as to make it more useful for the broader community.

I think that such a curriculum would not just include the mechanics of using renoise, but a good set of skills in terms of using renoise to achieve particular styles or instrumental effects. Another powerful element would be how to integrate renoise with other tools in a more sophisticated workflow, such as using modular synths, recording vocals, VSTs, and so on.

If you want to start a thread on what that sort of curriculum should look like, I’ll definitely participate.