Screensaver breaks Renoise 3.4.1 in Windows 10

My Windows 10 screensaver started while I was away from the computer for a moment while Renoise was open and the music was playing.
[“On resume, display logon screen” was enabled.]
After stopping the screensaver and attempting to get back to work in Renoise, my keyboard and mouse were unresponsive for Renoise only. It worked fine for everything else in Windows. I noticed if I clicked the Renoise Icon on taskbar (for the instance that was already open) i could at least press spacebar to stop and start playback, but nothing else worked. And as soon as I clicked in Renoise all mouse and keyboard functions completely stopped again alltogether. I had to End Task in order to get out of Renoise. I could not access the menu to save my project either so it is gone.

I have since turned off screensavers to avoid this happening again, but want to mention this as a bug.

  1. Enabled Windows 10 screensavers with “On resume, display logon screen” checked.
  2. Open Renoise and have a project open
  3. Let screensaver start
  4. Click or press something on the keyboard to exist screensaver. and Notice that Renoise is unresponsive to mouse and keyboard>