Screenshots And Grabs

What are good (freeware) apps to take screenshots, video grabs and so on of Renoise?

for screenshots and as a general viewer, I use the free irfanview

I’ve tried several free tools to make video capturing, but really found none which worked on my PC :( :blink:

have used camtasia stuido and it´s best that i know ->

although you need really powerful computer…

Ah, the last post was mine, and I forgot to mention Screen Recorder 2 ( ) that I read in another thread that pulsar did use to make video-grabs of renoise.

that’s it! u don’t need any tool … the only thing is that Renoise has not the window-focus but must be visible … Renoise windowed mode > one click on the taskbar > press PRINT-key > paste in Photoshop or another pictureEd

Thanks guys. ;) I couldn’t get IrfanView to grab for some reason, and the regular PrintScrn thing wouldn’t work either (because of trying to grab a DirectX app?).
I tried various others, that went wrong in one way or another, until I ended up with Mr. Captor, grabbing Renoise in window mode.
You just start Mr. Captor, set it to grab the specified window, and that’s it. It’s a 30 day trial, so there’s no nag or logo or anything added to the image.
For video, I got a tip from someone else to try HyperCam (haven’t yet).
In that one, you can specify a small region, and holding a key down on your keyboard, have that region follow the mouse, panning across the screen.
I’ll test that, along with Screen Recorder 2 and Camtasia Studio.

oh… that… use fraps.

Correct. But it works, as someone pointed out above somewhere, if you set
the window focus to something outside Renoise, for example by clicking once
on the taskbar, before pressing printscreen.

Print Screen do acctually work. You just have to understand that Renoise “capture” this key so you can not have it active while making the screenshot. So you have to make renoise inactive (by for example making another app active) then make a screenshot of the whole screen (with other words, alt-print screen wont work). I have done this several time so I can swear that this works
;) :D

Thanks. So the hours I spent looking for some obscure app that would actually do this could have been spent harnessing the power of XP. How sad… :)

Fraps looks cool from the clips. Though I’m curious why he/she didn’t play (i.e. move around, do something intense) while grabbing.