Script Display Settings?

Does anyone have experience with this in windows?

I have a dual monitor setup and I really want to switch between display configurations quickly without the hassle of going into the nvidia control panel.

I really want to do is switch primary display quickly.

Right now I have it like this:


1 is the primary and lower, 2 is the secondary and it’s above 1.

I’d like to have one or two scripts that I could use to pretty much invert this setting, and keep the resolutions I have set on them both.
So that 2 would be the primary and 1 would be the secondary.

I’ve tried searching around google but it doesn’t bring me much.
Did just see a script for autohotkey, other users where saying was buggy but overall it looks too much.
I just simply want to use some batch files for super quick access.

I know I have to go into the registry and find the key that is addressing the driver for my xfx nvidia card, that shouldn’t be much trouble.

any pointers?
shit maybe there is a gadget for win7?

Do I need some type of macro recorder?

what, autohotkey or the script? autohotkey rocks, so I’d at least try out the script. screw what other users say, generally speaking ^^

I really don’t think the script I saw on AHK forums would work.
it was written for XP and I’m using 7,
I think a lot of the stuff would be way off, and I can’t even visually discern what going on with it. :D

Made a thread there on AHK forums so maybe it will turn out. For now I’m just going to manually change it with this:

#space:: Run, control desk.cpl  

You could write yourself a small VBScript, shouldn’t be too hard, or use your language of choice. The API functions you need are the following:


whoa, I didn’t even know that stuff existed. :D

I’m getting Windows Management Framework Core for powershell 2.0
seems from what I read at the Script Center, I’m going to need that, comes with something like cscript?

or whatever they are talking about here;

-next post
I guess I didn’t need that
typed it wrong

okay this guy always know what’s up:

so I can use cscript to create visual basic scripts.

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Beatslaughter, Many Thanks! I believe you pointed me in the right direction. :)

Yes, any Windows version should be able to run those little scripts. I have written a small few helpers for my own purposes too, even for Renoise. What’s bugging me a bit is the lack of some Windows API headers like C/C++ compilers have. So if you want to use some Windows API functions or need some structures for it you have to convert them from C/C++ syntax to VB syntax first.

Yeah man, it took me a awhile to figure out that they just lumped everything together! :blink:
They have vbs, ps1, ps2? and probably some others that I haven’t seen or know about.
All mixed together without any real version or type indexing.
Just have to look at the headers, structure and kind of guess what’s going on.
I was like what the Hell?? enable power shell?
Just happened to be scouring something else when I found a link to unrestricting PS.
Power shell seems scary, strange coloring, it looks powerful, like I just tapped into the inner working on the reality of Microsoft… :D
Also quite a few of the scripts seem to have small coding mistakes, that will make them not function.
This part kinda makes me wonder if it’s deliberate or intentional.
And the authors are not verbose at all… :wacko:
They really stick the WYSIWYG version of free in there.
For all the bad I saw there though, there is a ton of good stuff it looks like.
I really wish I could find a site like that for LUA. ( Only Much Better indexed and commented!)

Stumbled upon this tool yesterday. Might be exactly what you’re looking for, so you can create yourself a small batch file to switch. To download it go back to the main site (Home).

Ah Right On! looks like I can make a simple script in AHK to autoload at startup or a macro in VBS and call this.
Man this simplifies it so much Thanks BeatSlaughter!!!

Now all we need is a monitor setup like this for Renoise:

1 2 3 4

1 = Pattern Editor
2 = Mixer
3 = Inst. Editor
4 = Sample Editor

This looks fun,

The concept of this project is really cool, took a while to figure out why it was throwing errors using it just as the demo YT vids shows usage.
Doesn’t work for or with Renoise as far as I can tell, looks like the machine vision sikuli is using for some reason or another doesn’t recognize Renoise’s front end.
Very slow, but I love the idea behind it.