[Script Idea] Delete (& Insert Note-Off's On) Complete Line

Eyyo Script maestro’s,

Don’t know how hard/easy this one might be, but let me try regardless :slight_smile: :

Something I often do in my tracking, is emphasize a section through creating similarity in all tracks, entering in a note-off on the same line in every track (creating a gate) or deleting note-events throughout all tracks on the same line.

It would be nice if the caps-lock and/or delete-key could gain special powers through a modifier key combo, holding shift/alt or whatever key gets chosen together with them, deleting content or inserting note-off’s, throughout all tracks on the line the cursor resides.

Would save me/us tabbing and working through all tracks one after another.

Possible or not? B)


wouldn’t mind a small gui with buttons as well, additional or instead of keybindable script, as free key-combo’s are getting sparser.[/i]

Maybe a small GUI with a check-box for every track in the song?

Idea sounds simple enough so would be surprised if not possible. :)

No need for a checkbox imo, should be default (what would the alternative of not taking every track into account mean?), just two big buttons saying ‘delete line’ & ‘insert note-off’s on line’ :slight_smile: .

No need for extra options specifying which particular tracks should be taken into account etc, as that would be defeating the purpose of a quick workflow enhancing tool. You’d spend as much time setting up the particulars as programming by hand, maybe…

My note-off tool comes with two extra note-off short-cuts:

-Add note-offs to empty cells in row
-Add note-offs to empty cells in [Whole pattern]

May help in some occasions?

Sure! “-Add note-offs to empty cells in [Whole pattern]” Comes very close to the initial request of inserting note-off on every track in a row! :drummer: If you could create an additional option to overwrite events in a row [whole pattern] with note-off’s that’d be awesomest! :slight_smile:

bump for delete all events on a complete row!