Script Idea: Renoise Starts With View Set On Global View Preset #1

When I start Renoise, first thing I do is press F1 to see my deafult view with disk browser, hence my idea to automate it.

Are you seriously too lazy to just press F1 when you start Renoise? :)

You really think it’s a bad idea?

Yes, this is scriptable. Dive in!


When you write the script yourself there are no bad ideas.

Asking others, that’s another story?

Edit: Script removed until display bug has been figured out.

it somehow broke my config.xml, even after I uninstalled this tool I still got this

are you for real or some kind of LOLbot?

Sorry, I honestly have no idea what might have happened there. It works fine on my system. The tool itself really doesn’t do anything special. You can inspect the code yourself to confirm this. It simply calls when a new song is created.

edit:it really is some bug in Renoise

Thanks, handy tool.

You could always just do a script that enables upper frame, shows disk browser, enables the middle frame of your choice and lower frame of your choice :)

Can ya define exactly which frame views you’d like to have?
Disk Browser (upper layer) is certainly what you’re after, but what about middle layer and lower layer content?

my preset#1 is like this: disk browser (song), pattern editor, instrument settings.