[Script Request] Auto Fade Samples According To Slice Or Snap Settings


Something I do a lot in my beats is tightening slices through using the fade buttons in the sample editor, emphasizing the attack portion of a slice/hit. This is a manual affair of selecting portions before the next slice and pressing one of the fade buttons, something which adds up quickly over time when you use a lot of beats in your music. The autofade button in the instrument settings just doesn’t cut it, for the effect I’m looking for is more exaggerated like applying a gate.

Like a lot of things in Renoise there are a lot of ways to Rome in achieving a similar effect, using gates, volume envelopes, program in volume commands or automate the volume etc.

I’m looking for a destructive fading option, to be applied all throughout a sample(or instrument), based on snap setting or according to slice markers.

So, sliced sample:

apply auto fade script:

Or, apply fading according to snap settings (in this case 16th):

Now, to only have this fading applied on the complete slice, while already useful for me, could be greatly extended in usefulness if the wished tool could apply an offset, a delay in ms or samples for the fade to be applied.

Would this be possible?


Would you only like fading on the end? Because you speak of emphasizing the attack portion, is that part also what you boost up or what is the result of the fading?

well, maybe attack was a wrong technical term to describe what I meant, I mean the beginning parts of the hits/slices, get more emphasis when you fade-out all the slices (logically :) ). I wasn’t thinking of additional transient processing, that is outside of the scope of this request.

Also, I wouldn’t mind optionally having fade-in as well!

Yeah this’d definitely be a good one!!