Script Sample Recorder

Hey all, first of all, great thanks to the team for this beta.
It’s really awesome and open a lot of perspective from my point of view (monome+osc, autoseek).

I’m planning to make a little script tweaking the sample recorder, but I’ve looked at the Renoise Song Api doc and I can’t see if such a thing is possible (probably not).
In fact I would like to record my voice or ext instrument with short samples which fit the size of a pattern automatically (or a multiple). Then a C4 note is auto assign at the top of a pattern when the record is finished. Basically I would like to start a little thing like that.

So can we do such a thing with actual functions, if not, it is possible to have access in a near future to the sample recorder scripting?

-- start a new sample recording when the sample dialog is visible,  
-- else stop, finish it  
-- cancel a currently running sample recording when the sample dialog  
-- is visible, else does nothing  

Erf… shame on me. Well that’s great. Now let’s begin… to learn LUA.
Thanks vV

how do you make this into files that you can test out,it gets saved into test.lua

I know you are really anxious to try out all this “scripting” stuff, but please, hold your horses. Read a book about programming, about Lua, some introducing articles. Do some tests in the Lua console in Renoise or in Windows. One thing after the other. At some time you will be able to understand what this means, and how to use it if that’s what you really want.
Hijacking every single thread in here really does not help and not us. And if you are mostly interesting in seeing some new features in Renoise, not in learning to program, then this is what you should do. OK?

Relatively easy in this case because these are mere commands.
Here is one that responds to the pattern editor record mode. (so you can also see how to respond to the notifier)
Edit:fixed a boolean concatenation problem.

thanks Vv

have started reading about this stuff,so i wont post anymore on this forum about this shit

OK in fact what I was thinking (it’s still unclear in my mind…) was probably something like here Building A Session Recording Tool

So we have limited access in scripting the sample RECORDER.