Scripting A Virtual Keyboard

I’m trying to script a ‘virtual keyboard’ (the kind with black and white keys), but I’m having this problem: See, I want to be able to simulate chords, but the API keyhandler only has the “keypress” type of event.
OK, no sweat, I’ll just emulate held keys by using the shift modifier - which anyway is consistent with how the pattern editor works.
But here is my real problem - once shift is held, the “key.note” is no longer part of the key-event?

This could perhaps be understandable for some modifiers like “alt”, but I can’t really see the reasoning behind doing it with the shift modifier, as holding shift + a (keyboard zone) key would in fact produce a note?

Since this effectively makes my idea impossible to realize, I suggest that the key.note is always part of the keyboard event, modifier pressed or not.

Yay, makes sense. Will pass “key.note” values for any modifier combos in the next update.