"Scripting Device?"

well, this would be a device that can load a script which in turn construct it’s GUI / offer parameters which can be automated, and a function that gets called “as often as possible*”, which then acts on these parameters.

  • (or as often as it “wants to” --> I don’t reeeally know what I’m talking about here, or what is possible, I just feel this needs to be discussed haha)

I’m not sure about if the scripts would have to be embedded in the song, or just identified by name, which means you need to have the script to correctly play a song which uses it. the later probably, IMHO.

what I’m thinking of right now is the “plot device” I suggested a while ago: you select a sample, have parameters for x position and sample value, and a toggle for pencil up/down (or hey, why not even a “blend mode” and “opacity” haha…)… so you can draw in the sample in real time for some sicko chippo sounds…

Well, lets say it like this: If we would have completed this (we experimented with this already), we would not have the release now, but maybe in a month or two. One thing after the other. No “realtime/DSP” scripting in Renoise 2.6. I think for now we all have enough to play with.

well it wasn’t really a 2.6 suggestion anyway, but it’s not like we know what you guys experimented with :) so it’s good (actually awesome) to know it will come some day.

but it can’t hurt to discuss it, right? not as request, just wonder and think aloud and stuff.

besides, now I can make it as a tool that just runs all the time, without automation, and just that will keep me occupied hahaha… a few months might not be enough actually ^^ then converting that or rewriting it from scratch when the scripting device comes.

oh joy :D

as I said in another thread, I made an experiment like this (drawing sample in realtime using MIDI-CC messages) during the early phases of Alpha stage. It should still work with the Beta. I will try it and, if it works, will publish it.

Of course it’s sort of an hack without a proper ScriptingDevice, but still usable.

Revision 433, that is all.