Scripting for the sample editor?

Is it possible to add new functions to the sample editor through Lua?

Nevermind, sorry… I just remembered there’s some timestrech stuff and I use the PadSynth tool all the time so it must be possible? to what extent? If I wanted to make my own super screwed up pitch shifter or quadphaser is that doable?

It is absolutely doable. You can get data from any sample and apply any type of DSP function you write. Aside from the obvious fact that there is no real time support and that things would have to be rendered or generated, I guess you are only limited to your imagination.

That’s great, I actually really like using offline efftects, I love doing process after process and just seeing where it goes, if I would have known it was like this I wouldn’t have waited so long. It’s the perfect reason to really learn DSP and I think the Lua console will be a great way to test the things I learn and experiment. I’ve never been more excited about coding :slight_smile:

Do check out the cdp for lua tool as well as dbatch process. Cdp especially has fantastic offline dsp processes

awesome, thanks for the info I’ll definitely check them out