Scripting Tool Menus: Superfluous Dividing Lines Are Back?

We agreed during 2.6 beta testing that the lines dividing lua scripts in context menus took too much space.

I can load up any old version of Renoise, and they are not there, even earlier 2.7 betas.

Well, they are back in RC1?

2007 lines_are_back.png


If there is going to be a 2.7.1 please look into this! While it might sound trivial, with all the scripts out there already and coming in the future this can add up quickly.

Maybe it is better to think of some kind of organizing system like we have for vst effects, so the user can rename/group tools together to his own taste. Right now, I sometimes have a hard time finding particular scripts because they’re in a sub-menu.

The grouping of script items is back. And with grouping we can’t really avoid more separators. Actually I don’t think we can satisfy everyone’s wishes here without adding some kind of customization.

Grouping means, that:

  • Script entries are added behind other existing “related” entries. Like, if you add a new script entry “Render Selection to MIDI…”, it will go below the existing “Render Selection To Sample” entry.

  • If a tool creates more than one entry, those are separated from other tool entries:
    ToolA Entry1
    ToolA Entry2

ToolB Entry1
ToolB Entry2

See rubberband tools in SampleEditor -> Process for example, when having installed multiple other sample editor processing tools as well.

how about it only separates if there are groups made by the one tool.

or how about tools have their own submenu if they need more than 1 option

ToolA > Entry 1
> Entry 2
ToolB > Entry 1

Entry 2

is that annoying or not?

It’s a good suggestion but Renoise can’t enforce it.

Scripting allows menus anywhere.

That said, I think it should be the “best practice.”

With that “best practice” in place the dividing lines are superfluous and should be removed. See first post. :)