Scroll sensitivity?

In Renoise / Redux, is there any way you can adjust the scroll-sensitivity of the trackpad?

I’m using a laptop and in OS you can adjust the Trackpad settings for the system itself, but it doesn’t change anything in Renoise / Redux no matter what I do.

MacBook Air (Early 2015)

Would be neat, if Renoise was supporting the macs magic trackpad gestures (pinch to zoom in the matrix and sample editor, proper right-mouse-down-on-slider support etc), including a precise detection of scrolling speed. Personally I bought even a bluetooth trackpad for the desktop and do not want to go back to a mouse (feels retarded now).

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Awesome suggestions, I wasn’t even thinking of all those possibilities you just mentioned. I only wanted the scroll to be less sensitive when scrolling in the Pattern Editor, to begin with. :slight_smile: