Scroll Speed

Renoise user since 1.2 and I’ve suggested that earlier.

The reason why I’m using trackers until today is because of their effieciency and clearness.

One of the things I’m struggling with in Renoise (coming from a tracking background on the Atari) is the scroll speed.

The way the keyboard reacts here iss too slow in my opinion.

I’ve put the repeat rate in renoise settings on 5ms (why can it not go lower than this?) and i still can count till 6 scrolling down a pattern of 64 steps.

left/righ/up/down arrows are slow, i use a fast computer and the keyboard repeat rate on there is set to the max.

there we go, my atari tracker still scrolls 5 times as fast. push the arrow and its down the buttom line before i can take a breat.

can something be done in that direction finally? i don’t think it would be a big bother for the programmers to do so.

we don’t want our ideas to get lost on the goddamn keyboard do we?


Never tried using the F9/F10/F11/F12 stepping buttons? (if that doesn’t offer enough, consider this tool) or tab/shift+tab for fast column switching? there are even shortcuts for track-switching, they are not set by default.
The fast jumping options have been designed to not needing your cursor keys to navigate throughout the whole of every section of your pattern or even sequence.