Scrolling everywhere


Listen please…

Now we have to click first ‘left’ mouse button insidea window where we want to scoll up/down.

If you guys like it too,use a mapping for e.g. ctrl, alt or shift linked to the scroll wheel from our mouse sowe can scroll all windows whithout selecting them first.

in short: if cursor is placed in pattern editor, instrument,device box, matrix,just hold down alt, ctrl, shift or whatever mapped, then scroll all the way up and down.

Maybe it sounds a bitdouble because selecting already existsand holding down an extra key, but

in some editing processes cases it is saver and easier, saver because no window is selected you don’t want to

And faster because no switchingfrom mouse to arrow keys and vice versa.

please keep it as it is now, but, add the aboveas an addition for ease of use.

I started to thinking about this because in my case the instrument box is first to be selected and than I can’t use the scroll wheel scrolling up and down in there.

Nou you need to step over to the arrows keyson the keyboard selecting an instrument before you can listening for an example of the instruments and deciding using it or not.

It would be a much more faster editing process for me an hope it wil be a nice addition for other fellow Renoise Prducers/editors.

Please think about, it is it possible? or way to difficult to achieve?

Anyway thanks go’s to, Eduard, Zvonko, Paul, Martin, Simon, Lucio, Erik,Jalevik And Kieran for this beautiful piece of work!

And Arjen Schat {Ohrwert} Whom letted me knowing aboutRenoise’s software,

and my girl {Deborah} who gave me Renoise as a gift!!

Peace! :rolleyes: