Sd Compo Round #35 + Need Help

Hi Renoisers,

Since yesterday, I stopped for beta-testing the VST(i) Plugins for Renoise 2 and I am sorry for Renoise Team :-(In fact, I made my 3rd music with Renoise (my first with Renoise 2). It is the first time that I am satisfied about my music and of this quality sound since +10 years (very rare) ! So, I thank very much the Renoise Team and Renoisers for their help :slight_smile:

I downloaded the samplepack from the “SC Compo Round 35” and I made a new music for the compo in January 2009. It is the first time that I add “one female voice” thanks to “NeoSpeech Kate” (you have a nice voice, lol). In fact, she is here “virtually” with me so that to find one singer in my song :slight_smile: The theme is free for this compo using the samplepack so, I realized the theme following : “Old Games in the years '80s” (genre : House/Oldschool).

Please I need your opinion about “the legend of games in '80s”. In my song, I use voices about the best of games in the years 80s. Are you agree if I use only the titles followings : Bomb Jack, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Frogger, Space Invaders, Mario Bros., Pong, Double Dragon, Kings Quest, Bubble Bobble, Paperboy, Out Run, R-Type, Kick Off, Gauntlet II, Tetris, Sim City, Ghosts & Goblins, Asteroids, Tron, Arkanoid. If you know others, don’t hesitate for saying me so that I add it in my song before uploading my file on SDCompo !

If you are a renoiser (beginner or pro), don’t forget participating for the SDCompo #35 because there are many samples/instruments ! NO EXCUSE (lol!) :


PS : in 2009, with new generation of music on PC & MAO and after having keeped my nickname during 10 years, I think to get another nickname : “iNTERLuNe” (ex-ViZiON).

Our opinions doesnt matter much, rule number 4:

quote: Your entry must be 100% original

Hi Hooligan,

I know but my entry is 100% original !!! In fact, I need know only the best of old games in 80s. It is just at the end of my song, that’s all :wink: Voices included in my music aren’t essentiels for the SDCompo but the composition itself.



this is a really weird question :D

In my opinion its not 100% original then.

Hello Holigan,

How are you ? Why you says this ? You don’t listen my music, lol ! It is not important. Thank you for your help.



I am fine, thank you. I say it because that’s how I feel… if you put others stuff into your own its no longer 100% your own. Lets take an example from my own track, “The hoods”. It has a vocalsample from Ice Cube, all the music is mine but the sample makes me feel its not 100% mine. And it isn’t, just one sample can rule(or should I say influence) so much in a song. So ok, the song could work without it, its not so important… still it brings a lot to it and it just wouldn’t be the same anymore.