Sdcompo Round 49 : Orchestral Music

Hi Renoisers,

For the next SDCompo in May 2010, the theme is : Orchestral Music. Don’t hesitating to join us ! If you would like to use any FREE Orchestral Samples or VST Instruments for making your music, please go to visit the following Web Site now : : Rules. : Free Orchestral Samplepack.

=> Download FREE VSTI Plugin 'EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Free" (1,17 Go) here :

Thank you,

Happy Tracking !


It’s OK to use the full version of Reaktor or something as long as we render VST instrument to sample.

Hi Composers,

For this deadline about SDCompo Round 49 “Orchestral Theme”, I don’t understand ! Only 6 entries for 63 downloads about Free SamplePack, why ? Where are the Renoisers ? Lol !



I tried to compose some weird “Marching Music” but it just ended up too crazy - plus i have no VST-Plugs on my Linux-Machine and equipped with the samplepack only it was hard to keep up the quality level to what would technically be possible today. So - that’s one of the missing 57 samplepackdownloads.