Sdcompo Round 69

SDCompo Round 69 has begun!

SDCompo is an online multi-format module competition. It is an opportunity for you to compete against trackers from around the world, share and receive feedback on songs and hone your tracking skills!

Check it out at

Entry Deadline for Round 69 is: 2012 October 17 00:00:00 *CST

This round’s samplepack is provided by Airmann who chose some excellent samples and vst instruments and effects.
Vocal samples and personally recorded performances (such as Guitar) are also accepted.

The compo has experimented with an extended tracking deadline the last few rounds (About 6 weeks) and it seems to be successful, allowing people plenty of time to get those songs done.

Stop by and check out the music and community at

Congratulations to the Round 68 winners:
1st - Knetter - with an excellent Drum&Bass tune A day at the Beach
2nd - Necto Ulin - with a well produced breakbeat entry reminiscent of late 90’s stuff - Like That
3rd - keith303 - Who produced a really smooth and beautiful dance tune called Token Taken

Hope to see you there, or better yet – Hear you there!

-organic io

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