SDCompo Round 76

Hi all! Just wanted to welcome you all over to SDCompo.

Round 76 just got started today, and features an FM Synthesis theme using the mda DX10 vsti.

Deadline for submissions is: 2013-10-31 00:00:00 *CST

It’s not a beautiful synth, and is somewhat limited in terms of what can be tweaked… But as we all know, sometimes limitations can spark creativity.

So, I hope to see you & your interesting tracks over that way!

Good luck!

I started on a track for this and hopefully i’m able to finish it in time. :)
I’m not used to working with vsti’s and out of habit i started typing pattern effects. Is that a feature that could come in a future release, i mean vsti’s and pattern effects? That would be awesome! ^_^

mda dx10 ? :blink: there’s no drumset in this synth… :unsure: and even if I play with the params in the External Editor, not easy to crate a proper drumkit with it…

I think the the only way to use some pattern commands is to put the Instr* Automation Meta-Device on the track and and right click on the sliders during the playback ;
with mda DX10, try to play with the “vibrato” parameter.

That’s what killed this round for me :(

  • okay I’ve found a trick to create a simple drumkit with mda dx10, with the help of resonant filters, and the lofimat device (it can create some white noise usefull for hit hats)…
  • track submitted
  • hey thebellows I hope you’ll finish yours !
  • see ya all !

Everytime i sit down with this i end up doing something completely different. I’ll do another attempt tomorrow i think, it’s a tricky one though. :rolleyes:

Glad to hear some of you are entering :)

The only suggestion I have regarding drum sounds is: Creative use of distortion :drummer:


A little bit of scream filter, some lofimat, signal following filters, lot of distortion, exiter and a gate and you have something that sounds exactly like a very fake drum with a bit of goodwill. :lol:

And BTW, i’m definatly gonna win this round, you won’t stand a chance. Especially KURTZ! :badteeth:

yes your track is slightly better than mine… in terms of sound research with the dx10 synth you’ve done a better work ; I like your glitchy hit hats ; but my track has its own little strenghts especially the native formant filter and a good drumkit emulator (a powerfull kick and a snappy snare drum)… I also expect something good from chotoro & chunter ;)/> let’s wait and see !

Haha, i was only joking of course. :D
Just checked your track and damn, you gonna beat me again! :panic:

…and how the hell did you make the dx10 talk? And what about the glissando effect? :blink:

the dx10 can’t talk, it’s renoise that talks with the help of the “Easy Formants” technique - glad you’ve dicovered it ; you’re one of the contributors because your “invisible melodies” inpired me some parts of this technique.

I’ve failed to perform a proper glissando effect with dx10 but controlled the “vibrato” through Renoise’s Instr. Automation meta device.

I didn’t know you could control vsti’s with a device, that would have made things a bit easier. I learn new things all the time. ^_^
I’ve been playing with this formant filter of yours all day now and i ended up making a new filter thingy based on it, i posted it in your Easy Formants thread. :)/>