SE Electronics X1?

Hi there,

I am thinking of buying a new microphone and could need some advice.
Right now I have a cheap Samson C15-CL (40 Euro).

I am thinking of buying a SE Electronics X1, mainly because it can be cheaply bundled with a reflection screen and it got good reviews. I am, however, a bit concerned about the noise. It has a self noise of 16dB(A) and a sensitivity of 25.1.
I will use it with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 which has a mic input noise of 120dB (I am not sure what kind of measurement this is, doesn’t make too much sense to me, but it is what the specs say).

So my question is, will this setup result in an acceptable overall noise floor? I will use the microphone for vocals mainly. Or should I look into something with lower self noise (e.g. a Rode NT1-A)?

Thanks in advance!

I have one and paired with my Presonus Firestudio mobile, it sounds Amazing for the price!! B)

I have the SE Reflexion Filter Pro for many years now - quite like the job it does in acoustically isolating mic pickup. In mine has housed a Rode K2, re-tubed with a 1960s Telefunken E88CC / 6922 beauty. Sounds utterly golden thru my BAE DMP 1073 pre. Thinking of getting a 1176 copy for in-line compression (with very fast clean attack). If the gain and outputs have been set right the noise floor is no issue. Good balanced signal path and proper converters help too.