Seal Meat - Deep Fried Commies

(Kobold Geomancer) #1

Hey guys! Long time since I last posted stuff. School’s been kinda a drag lately, but the term’s over. Started a new soundcloud and decided to christen with some breakcore! This will be part of a small album/EP/something.

Made with Renoise and Reason!

Check it out!

(Sam) #2

That was fun!

(HeartBeatHero) #3

That song just woke me up! :slight_smile:

(EatMe) #4


loud… music… must… have… more… loud… music…

Very inspirational fast rumbled up breakcore track you have made!

plz join the remix compethision

entry submission closes 2018-06-15 final entry posting date 2018-06-17

win prizes!

winner: a LED light bulb + a new pair of very loud black/silver (mirroring) headphones over-ear soft compound

runner up: Book + CD Microsoft course 6292A Installing and Configuring Windows 7 Client - all you need to know about Windows 7 + a course CD

most guitar one: A black electric bass (electric guitar will fit) backpack

most electro old school one: a very secret museum prize… see the topic


  • downloadable mp3

  • extra points for Youtube, Soundcloud and .xrns posting / composition

  • must use Renoise

  • can win prize