Seamless sample looper for Amiga or Mac

Hi Renoises!

Perhaps some of you might know a software, where you could load a wav-sample and create a seamless loop out of it? I used to have this little GUI on my Amiga, that would resample the sample a bit to find the zero points and create a perfect looped (IFF-format) to use in Protracker. But I can’t remember the name… it’s only 25 years ago :wink:

Could there be a similar software on Mac?

Thanks a bunch!!


Maybe you mean SOX (also known as AmiSOX)? This was a command line based audio file converter. It was mainly used for converting different sound formats. But i don’t remember if it also was able to make looped samples.

I still use my Amiga 1200 for creating lofi sample stuff to use with Renoise. I use Awave Studio on PC for sound editing and format converting between PC and Amiga formats. Awave supports a lot of sound formats, including the old Amiga IFF format. It has also a lot of editing features like resampling sample looping, pitch bend/shift, timestretch, adding effects etc. Awave is normally for Windows only, but there’s also an experimental Mac version available on their website: