Sean Kingston - Fire Burning (Brutal Beatdown Mix)

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I promised the drummer in my band that if my equally stupid ke$ha remix reached 10,000 plays, i would remix a shit song of his choice, and this is the song he asked me to remix!

let me know what you think :P

xx matt

not particularly brutal but you def know what you are doing! : D

edit: the discordant stuff @ 02:37 was more to my liking!

Nice production…
The guitar stuff is great and the vocals are a great performance.
I like the variation in the song concept which does not require changing.

The only disregard i have on this is the killing of your dynamic range (loudness war)…
Lots of stuff seems overcompressed which makes it sound flat in the whole.
No excentric power division in the mix and do i hear the lack of bass-frequencies?
Did you mixed this yourself or did you let someone else do this?
If the percussion had some more power and the bass had more influence in the mix, it would probably have sounded more balanced than it does now.

Cheers for the feedback, I am interested by what you mean by “excentric power division” as i haven’t heard this term before! This track was my first attempt at using Amp Modelling software instead of the menagerie of presets i’ve made on my Pod, and I think your right in that it lacks bass-frequencies, although I monitor using a standard 2.1 home entertainment rig so it’s hard to know how it will sound through proper studio speakers! I mixed it myself and admittedly crushed the dynamic range. How would you recommend giving the percussion more power?