Searchbar In Diskop.


I can not see why this is not implemented inrenoise yet…


Hmm, yes, that’s a good idea. :)

And while we’re on the diskop-subject. Everyday I wish Renoise could remember how I want to sort my files (either seperately for each filetype (samples/instruments/modules) or for all types) from one session to another. I would love this simple feature. :)

i dunno. i just noticed the search field in the vst tree area. an i kinda went cross-eyed when i saw it. for some reason it just doeasnt make sense to me, why we would need it.
cuz too many times the vsti name is different than the dll name, so it just gets to the point that it is easier to just go an find the dll. instead of waiting an trying a bunch of variations until finally you lose what you set out to do in the first place!

ok i just realized that was Way off topic for this thread. so,

ya know actually.

in the disk op [with Song Selected].
it shows Everything. an you can load Anything readable from there too!

so the other selections:
DSP Chain

have become rather useless as far as i can tell.
maybe they are still there for a future purpose?

i say Begone with them!!! B) an just have a universal disk-op with normal disk-op functions like there is already, only now include Back/Forward.


what would benefit the hell out of me at least would be a way to Undo the loading of recently loaded files.
like for example when you accidentally write over an unsaved editted sample, or load a dsp chain to the wrong track!

damn i’m neurotic today. i went way off topic once again. hmm well i guess since its disk-op related it may as well just be here instead of me posting another thread.

a search in the disk-op wouldnt be such a bad thing i guess.

i wish it could be capable, or even fathomable; to type ‘Flutes’ an it would go through & analyze every file out of my 75 gigs an find all the flutes!

like for instance i have an archive of 129 folders that is nothing but ‘Classic Keyboard Sounds’ and 2 archives of vintage drum machines.
if i type snare. i wouldnt get anything. tho if i type SD. i would get a tremendous amount of snares. so now thinking of it. yeah this isnt too bad of an idea. :)

Begone? And what if you want to save a theme / instrument / DSP Chain / Sample… how would you like to make renoise know what you want to save if these optiones are gone?
Rightclick each sample and click save / save as in a context menu?
Drag and drop em in the folder from the sample/instrument-list? (would be an option however this is still hard to do with the theme and DSP chain)

my. bus. driver. cant. stop. going. off. topic!
damn i’m getting incredibly stupid lately!
i must be riding the short bus this week… :blink:

would it be too drastic a move, to make actual use of file extensions?
say ‘X.XRNS’ would be looked at differently than ‘X.XRNI’.

file extensions would be referenced to an allowed list of extensions, each linked to rules governing the corresponding type of it’s counterpart.
so upon saving, the disk-op would look at the extension type and if it finds the ext. in the list, it then proceeds according to the rules it’s given.
it occurs to me the capability is somewhat here with loading, (being able to differentiate between module type?)
it’s mostly hidden as far as i can tell…
so maybe vice versa? :D

the way i’m looking at it, i wish to see the disk-op, open up and allow the saving of track columns, song columns, whole tracks, selections, patterns …etc

if there was a way for the disk-op to quickly differentiate between ‘something changed’ & ‘something unchanged’ (maybe with an edit time index?) so that instead of wasting cycles an write time, writing over the exact same file. it skips all the ‘something unchanged’, until it finds a ‘something changed’.

heh, looking at this… it’s kinda comedic, cuz i dont really know if this useful or even plausible!

In the meantime, a search bar in disk op would be great :D (initially I thought I wouldn’t have much use for them, but now I use them all time). It would also be very useful for those who put info about the songs in the filenames (e.g. “unfinished”), so the list can be filtered by criteria you made up (instead of just looking for a certain item).

Searching for samples would be welcome. But I wonder how would it work… like, would it be a long process?
With VSTs it’s quick because they’re already “listed inside Renoise”, in the CachedVSTs.xml file if I’m not mistaken.

With samples it might be a more lenghty/complicated process… it would have to scan what, the entire HDD? Only a certain area? Would we scan this once in a while and have a CachedSamples list?

No, (I think) what is meant is something that works like the filter for the list of VSTs/VSTis… a box where you can enter text, and then it filters the list showing only entries that contain that text. If that is NOT what this thread is about, I’d love to see it anyway :D

Im up for any extra features, but I never use the search feature in anything other than google, so it would be of little use to me…

I’ll give it a


though, cos I am sure some of you guys would be into it



A new feature will always be welcome. And addition of a new feature doesn’t mean that all users are forced to use it! Every user has his own way… search in DSP and VST area helped me a lot (I use several VSTs and VSTi’s, now finding the desired one using search is much easier rather than scrolling).

EXACTLY!! As long as it doesn’t shag the CPU or wreck the GUI, I can’t honestly think of a good reason for someone to oppose any extra feature.

I am sure I hardly even touch 50% of what Renoise can do, but I still love it

An hour spent on improving for example the diskbrowser is an hour not spent on lets say an arranger.

(no, i’m not against improvements to the diskbrower. I would most likely find it really useful myself. But personally I’m more exited about an arranger… that is ofcourse just my wishes :) )

Dear Bantai! I am glad you joined in! Finally some heat!

Does it have to be the SAME textbox?Could we add another? OR could they just make it like: When save button is “on”, it is in " Save Mode", and search when it is not… ??

now that we have keyboard-focuse I guess it wouldn’t be very hard to provide “find-as-you-type” feature. I think it would be possible to implement it without the need of using the filename box. Maybe it’s even possible to make it without any box at all.

In GTK applications when you type something a small floating textbox appears, responisble for find-as-you-type. What do you think about it?