Searching A Venetian Snares Supertutorial

Hi people I’m MaxWithMax from Italy!
I’m trying to understand the venetian snares secrets of composition expecially in Rossz Csillag Allat Született!
This album is vry cool in my opinion!!! :drummer:

Anyone have a .rns file for watching how to do the beatslicing correctly? And where I can get some cool loops?

Thank you very Much

PS: Sorry for my bad english :w00t:

there is this link :


How to chop breaks:

  • Load a break into renoise
  • In the sample editor, select a section of the break that starts with the begining of a hit, and ends with the end of a hit
  • Copy the selection
  • Paste into a new instrument
  • Rinse, Repeat, Blow dry
  • In your pattern, alternate between the break chunks on a single track, so as to get that nice monophonic beat cutoff
  • Play song, enjoy

find out by yourself. in fact it’s not that hard to find some of the techniques, but to compose a whole in his way is more complicated i guess.

Very cool video!!! THIS IS THE MACHINE FOR MAKING CHAOS hahhahahahahahhaa :w00t: :w00t:

Thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for the answers Now i try to experiment some f****ing noise with renoise :guitar:

in fact it’s “cows” - not chaos. guess you’re no native english-speaker. ;)

The video? it’s real… snares himself posted on planet mu about it… it’s just a bad recording, that’s all…

I made Rossz Csillag Allat Született with OctaMed and Cubase 5.1


that doesn’t work i’ve tried, paste is greyed out. help please

Man, I’ve been listening to Rossz Csillag… this whole week. Good stuff.

Trying to understand some of your edits man. Very difficult to emulate. :blink:

Just a couple of questions: What’s the role of Cubase in your set up? for synths? Mixing and Mastering?

Shed some light here Aaron.



If you’ve coppied a chunk of sample… and select a new instrument while the sampler is open, you should be able to paste directly into the first sample of the new instrument… if not, then you did not copy properly

strange, it all works with keyboard shortcuts but NOT when using the menus

My advice would be to stop worrying how Vsnares does the stuff he does and get your own style, and go through your own driven devlopment. Vsnares is not the gatekeeper to the ‘holiest of editing’, and I really think he doesn’t give a hoot about which sequencer he’s using: as long as the artist can get the intention down. That’s why he’s sucessful -he’s an expressive artist.

I know if I were a sucessful serious artist (like he in that degree) I’m not going to answer some n00bs (relatively, from point of view) question about how to do x with y. I’d only be interested if you asked me ‘WHY did you write that unique piece of music?’. Intension not technique is what matters. And you cannot adopt another’s technique because it is idiosyncratic. Therefore you can only ask questions of intentionality to avoid wasting your energy.

Of course, I could be completly wrong? But put yourself in his shoes?

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Agreed, though one simple change might help in exploring “creative use of samples” terrain, which I think is one of the things that Snares is admired for, and I learnt from that video:

Double BPM at a speed of 3 coupled with extensive use of 09XX sample offset. It’s a simple change, but at that speed and number of ticks per row the sample “chunks” that you can call upon are sufficiently small and moving past at sufficient speed to get some attractive sounds.


there was some tips giving in another thread on this forum(from a CM issue)where mr.V talks about how much he enjouys automatting alot of the renoise devices excample the mixer eq for sweeps

it works great btw

Another tip: you need to pay extra attention to your drum tails. Don’t let them to overlap where it’s unnecessary. Note-off programming is a whole playground when making breakcore/idm.

one foot off-topic: i remember searching the forum users because i was wondering if Mr Funk had a user here, and after some searching i couldn’t discover it, so i figured he doesn’t, and made some assumptions as to the reasons of this (some of which well explained by mr dollin above), only to now see him posting in this thread. why didn’t i search for ‘snares’?

anyway, i really feel safer here now.

ehm, scroll a little bit up and you’ll see he has posted in this very thread. :)