…and all made with Renoise at the end. This is the last major thing I finished with version 2. Not everyone’s tea here, but I thought I’d share it anyway. ;)/>

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Seasons at

Welcome to slice-of-life desktop pop, presenting a collection of four songs for the four seasons, with synthesized lead vocals using AquesTone and UTAU.

Upon completing “Feel Sunshine” for the Minna no UTAU “United Together Around UTAU” project, I noticed that I created a song for each of the four seasons and resolved to make this EP, which collects them. The versions heard are new for this release, containing edits and new instruments and voices.

Thanks for having a listen!

I’m in love with this release. My second favorite cedtm to date. Perfectly in time for the warm weather coming in as the cold air leaves.

Thanks indeed!

dont have much experience listening to anything similar but sounds very nice to me. i’ve occasionally heard some bits that could be polished more (sloppy drum edits or overlapping frequencies etc.) but overall solid work. track 4 was a standout for me. grats :)

“feel sunshine” is hard to top in terms of cute- and catchyness.
quality stuff, lovely release !

This sounds odd enough to be a must download…
I had to get used to it a bit, but really worth every second of listening :)

Thanks, everyone!