Seba - Painted Sky (Sunmix)…h?v=eSXRfv76XR0

this embedding thing is weird, it shows ok in preview and then it goes back to a straight link, anyway i upgraded my background youtube video, thought about sharing it :D

got better :)

There are not many songs, that make take higher the first time I listening to, but this here is one of them. Very amazing melodic D’n’B. I really love it !!


thanks mate, you just pumped my motivation up :)

Nice. What technique(s) did you use to create the melody? That’s actually the part of this track that sticks out for me.

Your tracks are so gorgeous and atmospheric. You really out to compile them into an album - I’d be more than glad to buy it if was full of tracks like this and your Ultra Badass Nu Abo remix (which a friend of mine set as his ringtone for the next few months)!

The melody, as the above post said, is fabulous, but to me the best part is that high-pitched synthy thingy you stuck in the back, which I’m assuming could also be a filter with some resonance. Either way, its great and uplifting, but the song ultimately a bit short (yeah, I’m a bit of a hypocrite <_< ) and doesn’t spice things up too much, but don’t listen to that latter part as I think that about pretty much everything due to IDM overload.

Overall: 8/10

what do you mean what technique ? i just played the notes :)

thanks, yeh indeed the track is a bit short, completely agree with that, i think i’ll revisit it and extend it when i feel it :D

right on. i’m learning here. i’m new enough to renoise to be fascinated with how entire melodies/soundscapes/etc. can be created with just little blips, because it’s so diff’t than say, using a midi controller w/ a soft synth.

well i’m actually using a korg microkey :)

It’s beautiful and really dreamy! I agree, you should make some more of this stuff. :walkman:
I remember some while ago I was on the look for tracks like this. I liked to call it Cyberpunk. I don’t know if that’s correct though.