Second One,the Shi1t Off Course

Hallooo everyone.

I made new song using vocals from internet,nice girl voice i think.This is,let say beta version of track,coz i dont like myself melody in the chilling part /kinda,banjo strings/ or just how it starts to play.I need put there longer pause or rework it whole.New melody another instrument…I used mainly internal effects and plus some free vst pluggins.

If you listen to this track,please keep me posted about your thoughts.


Hi je4nKO,

sound startes wide (even on my crappy speakers), nice panning, but takes a bit long to get to the point. The /kinda,banjo strings/ - part, I like it, fits well to the girls voice/key.
But I won’t use klaxons! (I just don’t like them.)

Looking forward to hear the final version!

Greetz, kwd