Secondary Keyboard Shortcuts

Is a Beta round a bad place to post this again? Seems it should fit in the existing Preferences GUI and hopefully wouldn’t take masses of code…

I’m not familiar with the concept, how does it work? Simply, have the possibility of mapping more shortcuts to the same process, when would you want to use this? I’m running out of possible combinations, this sounds like the complete opposite?

There are already some repeated Secondary Shortcuts in the Preferences. Some people use Renoise on both a Laptop and a Desktop and it makes sense to try and keep your configurations the same but you might not have all the same keys on both.

It’s just the possibility, if you desire, to program a second shortcut to the same function. Not sure I would use it often myself but it is a subject that has been raised quite a few times and there are a couple (less than I thought before checking) that have been listed twice in the list for just this reason.

yep, fully agreed on the laptop keyboard / desktop keyboard things. you tend to map things that are mapped to numpad, to other keys for a numpad-less laptop.

on the other hand, since most of the api functions can be keymappable via the api, it does seem that it would be a useful but not a critically needed thing.

i’ve done about 7 (2nd)'s, how many do you think you will need?

Granted, it would be useful, to get it out of the system, out there, etc, so they can focus on other things fully.