Seconds From Destiny By Pixellated

My aim was to make something inspirational. Let me know if you feel it, even just a little bit. :yeah:

I <3 Renoise!

And now there is a cool unofficial video to go with it too!

I really like it! The mix seems to lack some definition in the high end and maybe the low end, too but I like the lofi-ness of the sound. Sounds dark and dirty and reminds me of Hybrid. :) I think it could do with some bigger break downs and build ups or a bridge section with some variation of chords/bassline to add interest.

PS: Great to see more Aussies here. :)

Thanks Freezedream :)

I must admit I am a sucker for rougher sounding recordings, my heart still lies in underground 70’s funk music! B)

This track you made is mighty grand!

Hey thanks robotrobot! Aww man, the track in your sig makes me want to write some awesome NES style chiptune dance music :guitar: