Sections question

Hi guys, i was wondering if there is way to make sections within ‘parent section’ whereas i like to keep sections short. 14%20PM

if not - would this be hard to implement?
(my point is that sections can be nested in one parent section like mix group channels can contain multiple channels )
i would really benefit from this one, and i don’t mean involving more functionality rather than simple grouping, where you can expand/hide grouped long puzzle-alike sections, to get spared of scrolling and having like a lot of very similar names :smiley:

No. You can only rename each pattern (if the pattern is duplicated, it will have the same name), which can be useful for marking…

Therefore, it is not possible to group sections or hide / expand (which would be a good idea in songs with many patterns).

yes i am aware of available paths (copy/paste/duplicate>rename etc), but i was wondering as well if someone is missing this, because i personally do…

yes, but when you have like 20 sections, names are (almost) useless, because you have to scroll and scroll and scroll :slight_smile:
but maybe i should re-consider my workflow again…:smiley:

and how much of a hassle it is to implement?

Integrating something new is usually not difficult, it could even be quick to program.

The problem is that everything needs to be compatible with previous versions, as far as possible, so as not to break compatibility.

However, hiding sections seems to me to be a great idea, being aware, that the information of each state should be saved in the song file (and this is new).


Yep, this would be helpful for the more repetitive portions of any track.

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