sector 7 intrigue?

You are totally right, psychosis is seldom mindless gibberish. That isn’t even the case with hard brain damage, there most probably will only be things (capabilities or experiences) removed or added, which by themself still would “make sense” in some way or another! I also think the brain might be of a different nature than our technology, more stable and robust in operation, not like a jpeg where you hack some bytes and it would become broken noise. Psychosis is more like - dreamlike states augmenting or blocking the normal consciousnes. Strange soulless voices of many kinds, additional thoughts and irrational beliefs while your ability to reflect it is weakened at the same time. Thought becomes narrow, and the borders between consideration, contemplation, and stubborn belief can become fluid. Random occasions of drug like hallucinations, but like in a more sober state, or experiences like communicating with spiritual beings, feel totally wired, like controlled from external, have strong religious experiences and vision, etc. I believe people who wrote the Bible, or Buddha, they did not lie - they were just trying to describe what they were experiencing. It is like kind of like bad trips on LSD or Mescaline. The real bad side is it can make you belief strange things, also dangerous things about people who will have no clue what you are about when you account to it. There will almost always be kind of “islands of clarity” within the experiences, where the psychotic individual will come back to sanity for a while, being able to reflect the state or just forget it for a short while. I well…only came into contact with psychiatrists when my head exploded badly many years ago. Treatment is medication that in high dosage will dull out the mind, make you very depressive and weaken the experiences or even totally stop it, but it seems it is not always effective. It is also very unhealthy stuff, damaging the brain on the long run.

There are alternative concepts like Soteria, Windhorse etc. who seek to aid people get through their trips in a guided way and with minimal medication. Average to large (intoxicating) cannabis dosage (or other drugs and also alcohol, but each in different ways) might let sick stuff bloom up, while constant THC microdosing and especially pure CBD in high dose can weaken the experience and make it easier to handle. It is said potheads often get psychotic, and can recover by stopping to smoke hardcore.

If you wish to learn what is possible, read psychosis accounts from people on the net. Or alternatively reports from people using dissociative drugs like DMT or PCP, but still those are different states. There seem to be different levels of what is possible to experience. The experieces follow similar form, though they incorporate your personal knowledge - like 500 year ago people would rant about witches (and burn innocent), nowadays the talk is about aliens or chip in the head, what you describe might be the next lvl. I’ve just had a real hard trip about magical plots etc., but it is currently fading. All the interrogation stuff etc. is classical psychosis stuff, it can confront you with anything you know about and what is possible with phantasy. I could imagine that people might try to use similar forms of experiences on people to fuk with them badly or trigger psychotic states, but I think it is for real that the human mind can also produce it without any tech involved an all by itself. Research what happens to humans if deprived from sensory input for extended periods, and it has always been like that and is most probably also the case for most animals.

Psychosis also shows you deeply all your fears and will confront you with them. Even the silliest, or ones that you not have known about yet. That is maybe where soteria people etc. try to lever the mind back, by conquering the fears, you might gradually conquer the delusions.

I do not believe people are being driven crazy with tech into fake psychosis, but who knows. If the brain was understood well enough, robotics would already be on much higher level, and it is easier to build a robot to deal with stuff instead of trying to drive organic beings into it artificially. Or just bribe some spineless thug. I do agree however on your idea of media manipulation, in that it seems a cultural thing going on worldwide driving people into images of hard competition and ego-dominated states of minds. I take it as a symptom of over-population that was failed to be dealt with for too long for whatever reason. Sad stuff.

And yes a strong psychosis is just about the worst mindfuck one could ever imagine. The sort of stuff that bad guys only dare to dream about to be capable themselves, but could never be attained by human capabilities. Yet still, unlike those would, it will strangely always leave some room and chances for yourself to try to handle it and maintain yourself. It either destroys you, or makes you something beyond any understanding that you had before the experience.

Take care for yourself if you think you experience such states. Best thing to do to recover, is keep all stress and sorrow as far away as possible while it is burning, stay away from the things that were exciting your states for a while, live healthy with physical work or excercise, be in protected, safe and easy environment, have people to talk to and who watch for you, sleep enough or even more then nessicary, use sleeping medication if you can’t properly sleep. Some people also just regard their psychotic experiences as kind of spiritual experiences or awakenings, and the suffering is just part of overcoming it in a later stage. Also take note that psychotic people who are weak in managing their state might be regarded as easy victims for certain people, for whatever purposes. So rather the other way round than you thing, not psychosis to control people, but rather, trying to wire up and abuse people who are already psychotic.

Please read Phillip K. Dick.

2.) The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch
3.) Ubik
4.) Everything else he wrote.

Many themes… oh so many themes.

That was very interesting to read and I will check out those books.

Its weird, some of these targetted individuals have said that the hallucination only occured after coming into contact with psychiatry, some of them said they occured immediately after making a negative comment about members of the government or members of big companies.

They also said that the hallucinations differed greatly from LSD, mushrooms, DMT and whatever psychoactive substance type of hallucinations.

People reported being ‘flashed’ with images contained within a square border like a computer screen. The images weres said to be clearly displayed and often contained computer animation or clearly defined ‘flashcards’ or ‘test cards’…for example perfectly clear barcodes, QR codes.

Almost like the falshcards were designed to be able to record the response from the visual cortex or from the brain in general.

Things like very simple geometric shapes ( with psychedelic substances hallucinations are more like crazy tunneling complex fractal, organic in nature ).

But targetted people are getting ‘flashcards’ in sequence. A square, a cross, a triangle, a QR code, a barcode…also old school flashcard from the 70s with cartoon-like imagery, often too simple in nature to be psychoactive substance based hallucinations…a hotdog, a strawberry, a cartoon of people working on machines. Some are supposed to be positive, some are supposed to be negative ( although targetted individuals always say they are all negative, because they dont want their mind raped by stupid psychology test flashcards ). Other falshcards sound like they are straight from 4chan. Racist memes, trying to be funny and failing memes etc…with text along the bottom, directly computer imagery, also low quality CGI animations.

There has also been a wave of crimes in which people who have been targetted start accusing people of witchcraft, paedophelia and so on, eventually attacking them and committing a crime. Here is one example of such an event :

Often the criminals in these cases are seen to have one eye more wide open than the other eye with the pupil slightly more dilated.

Also many of them have been in contact with psychiatry 4- 5 years before the crime took place and often have some kind of mark in their forehead ( almost unnoticable marks as with keyhole surgery ).

A lot of targetted individuals also stated that after they came into contact with psychiatrists, they almost immediately started hearing a psychiatrist examining them inside their heads. The details in the accounts of these examinations by interrogation are too systematic and scientific to be hallucinations, and include techniques used only by trained psychiatrists and police in psychiatric evaluations and police interrogations.

I wonder if recently the technology has become available and now tests are underway to weaponize psychology and psychiatry?

One way would be with directed audio from a satellite, along with the ingestion or injection ( maybe even inhalation ) of a material which can be taken up into neurons or stays at the synapses and a high resolution functional MRI recording brain activity by observation of that materials interference with brain activity and Wifi signals ( or telecommunications signals of some kind ). There would also need to be a computer program on the other side which could build up a model of the brain and interpret the brains activity as various different things ( vocalised response, internal vocal response, physical movement, positive, negative response, automatic functions such as heartbeat ect. )

Another way would be actual neuronal transplantation, with ‘seeds’ being injected into a ‘host’, eventually driving them mad or changing them irriversibly in some way…( there is a great film about this called ‘get out’, good scifi ).

Neuronal transplants are not the stuff of science fiction though, they are well documented fact ( check the article below ).

If governments, arms companies had the chance to use they would take that chance…could there be a new kind of cold war starting now? A mind-control arms race? I beleive the technology is already in use frequently.

So convenient for big business inside government and military to get rid of problematic journalists, human rights activists and so on.

since ever psychosis has been affecting about 1% of the population at least during a short period in their lifetime. I think since ever, and also in developing countries etc.

“chip in the head” is a modern customary belief system among psychotics. Like I told, in the middle ages it was most probably witchcraft, which is still a thing among psychotic belief systems. Yes, it happens now and then, that tragically some psychotic dude loses control and kills someone because either he believes that person(s) are guilty of imposing the bad ass unholy brainfuck on him. Or sometimes also because he was commanded by dark voices etc. This is in the press now and then since I can remember, and this contributes to a negative image most people have of psychotic people. People are used to thinking one should not talk about such things, which imho only drives the affected persons into isolation and makes them weak against the mindfuck.

Psychosis is just like you describe, more like sober mindfuck than like drugs, and even more wide in possible range of effects. You are right, it is not like recreationally attractive hallucinations like on LSD or so. It can happen as side effect, but only rarely. Normally it is much more sober and frightening, and almost always involving loss of control. Voices in the head, harrassing or seemingly friendly, that might sometimes interact even with deepest thought, great fear and paranoia, inability to reflect paranoia and belief (thus delusion…), being interacting in some kind of mental game, weird spiritual vision, feeling of being chosen by some kind of group, feeling of secret stories behind the veils of everyday life, etc. The things psychotics can possibly experience are as endless as fiction and phantasy can be.

Read reports or books that psychotic people have written after the psychosis had worn off. Mostly it won’t last a lifetime, but only one or several periods in life, and it can change its character. Old accounts often seem much less detailed, less conscious, and are harder to find - you will rather find reports describing the insane, than written from “insane” people themselves. I guess because back then, for people insanity was a big shame or taboo, or they thought of divine punishment rather than mental condition, they did not know technology or technical illusions, etc.

So you think they found a way to control psychotics’ visions to try to make them do things, or to discipline them in a way or another? Unless you can prove, nobody is going to belive you, only other shizos who might then have a new delusion belief system tormenting them. It would not surprise myself, but I think it would be too risky for a secret service anyways as many people will talk about their experiences. And that is about hidden shit with distance effect, surgery on all of those persons would be impossible to hide. The things you are writing about seem to risky for any sane secret service to try, it would very soon be known as people will feel very bad and seek help. That is besides the best thing to do about such mind states I believe. To find people to trust, and tell them what is happening, and have them discuss things with you and watch for you. If you have no public life to loose, it might even be a good idea to try to write everything into the public without any shame or anger, describing everything experienced that is relevant. It will then help other people who have to experience such torment. Delusion can be cracked, it is hard but I believe it is possible with individuals who are mentally strong and who get support. Think about it like talking someone down from a bad lsd trip, just a thousand times harder. People normally are locked in beliefs that are very hard or impossible to prove or disprove.

Maybe it is just times getting harder so more people become crazy…a new cold war, we have an uprising hardcore utilitaristic fascism, against established conservatives who are getting weaker, against a new very liberal and positive movement that is not ready for the show, against a worn out overpopulated planet earth. Thing is already brooding since many years, times are uncertain in a world filled with more and more violence and hate. Of course this might make more people psychotic in strange ways. People who are told other humans are worthless, will feel worthless, or in danger by that philosophy themselves, even if they are not aware of it, and the fear might cause psychosis. It would not supprise me if that causes mass psychosis, and also it would not supprised me if symbols in the media might play a role in bringing similar experiences to the affected. Like I said, a geek will believe in chips, a goth will believe in ghosts haunting him, a christian will believe in god testing him, a buddhist will be in disgrace about devaputra mara making his meditation impossible, an african will believe a deity is dancing in hims etc. A psychotic who is deep in, will see his story everywhere around him.

Lots of important persons of the human history, often geniuses of the most inspiring kind, are said to have heard voices at some point in their life.

… a geek will believe in chips, a goth will believe in ghosts haunting him, a christian will believe in god testing him, a buddhist will be in disgrace about devaputra mara making his meditation impossible, an african will believe a deity is dancing in hims etc. A psychotic who is deep in, will see his story everywhere around him.

Lots of important persons of the human history, often geniuses of the most inspiring kind, are said to have heard voices at some point in their life.

I totally accept what you are saying in that psychosis with auditory hallucinations is a real phenomenon and that a persons belief system may influence the type of paranoid beliefs they may have about their experience of such hallucinations.

However, there seems to be another phenomenon in which people have no paranoia at all, havent used any drugs and dont have any kind of fantastical beleif system yet they are reporting a strange audio phenomenon which differs greatly form paranoid shizophrenic hallucinations…

Professional, structured police interrogations using police-only vocabulary such as ‘line of inquiry’, ‘corrorberating evidence’, ‘placed at the scene’ or professional phrases used in the police force only. Often the targetted person does not understand such phrases until they look them up after hearing them.

Another phenomenon is the ‘scanning’. If a targetted person is in a rermote area and moves in an unexpected way the audio scans, and needs a few seconds to catch up. Sometimes it scans to an incorrect target and in those cases another person can hear the audio.

Other people have reported being subjected to long, boring lectures about far right ideology after making a critical comment about the government…

There is also the phenomenon of the visual cortex targetting, which you would think would require an implant but maybe it can also be transmitted with certain types of frequency modulated ultrasound? Boring flashcards that could not be hallucinations. Very much psychology flashcards.

Photographs of faces showing different emotions, simple shapes, conceptual cartoony flashcards, memes from the internet, but also some kind of visual callibration cards that look like QR codes. People have even reported that these images are always contained within a square border and sometimes say they have been ‘swiped’ across as if they are being shown images directly from the screen of a touch screen tablet.

It is already a known fact that various militaries around the world have developed sonic weapons.

Some of them induce nausea some produce hallucinations, some deliver messages through directed audio ( see links below ).

Heres a small quote about how certain frequencies of sound can induce hallucinations :

“The possibility of a device that produces frequency that causes vibration of the eyeballs—and therefore distortion of vision—was suggested by paranormal researcher Vic Tandy[1][2] in the 1990s while attempting to demystify a “haunting” in his laboratory in Coventry. This “spook” was characterised by a feeling of unease and vague glimpses of a grey apparition. Some detective work implicated a newly installed extractor fan that, Tandy found, was generating infrasound of 18.9Hz, 0.3Hz, and 9Hz.”

Heres an example of a directed energy weapon used for crowd dispersal ( in this case the ‘beam’ uses microwave frequencies to induce pain under the skin :

“vehicle mounted active denial system - V-MADS”

Heres an example of a ‘sound cannon’ which directs audio messages over 4km ( LRAD -Long Range Accoustic Device ).

I dont see any reason why these kinds of technologies couldnt be mounted on a satellite or a high altitude drone along with a system for accurately aiming at individual people in some cases or a whole crowd of people in other cases ( narrow beam, wide beam )…

In any case, I really understand this guy here in this article. He built a mud hut in the forest to live in peace. When asked about the particular reason for building it he said “I can live without being coerced by any force,”.

I beleive this kind of weapon is being used to target hippies and minorities ( classic right wing government and police behaviour ).

As it is a covert weapon, the effects of the weapon can simply be written off as ‘crazy people hallucinating’.

When interviewed these targetted individuals are all reporting hearing similar statements “that man is a paedophile” or “those people are involved in satanic witchcraft”…pretty boring and unimaginitive statements being made by these ‘handlers / operators’…that is the handlers dont have to be very intelligent to read from a textbook into a microphone from a remote location while a drone or satellite mounted device aims at someone.

Also I dont see any reason why a powerful right wing person with connections to the military and other agencies ( perhaps arms manufacturers, secret service etc ) couldnt use a combination of GPS and directed energy weaponry to beam x-rays at a problematic person for a long period of time and have them develop cancer. Look at the case of John McCain. Problematic for Donald Trump, about a year later develops cancer directly above the left eye.

Maybe americas far right have paid to use the russian ‘nooscope’?

The nooscope is described as such :

“The nooscope’s sensor network gives clear readings of co-occurrences in time and space, beginning with latest-generation bank cards and ending with smartdust.”

Another thing that has been kept secret until recently is surveillance using interference with wifi signals.

How convenient that everyone has a wifi router in their home and essentially carries one around with them all day in the form of a smartphone, which has cameras and mics in it which can be activated remotely by hackers. Of course governments will deny government hacking of these devices.

“Researchers turn ordinary WiFi devices in rudimentary scanners that can identify potentially dangerous objects hidden inside bags or luggage.”

Maybe with a combination of all these technologies it will be possible to create a brainwashed automaton soldier who can recieve images of maps directly into their brain, or orders coming from satellite mounted directed audio device?

Look at what happened to Dave Chappelle…He had to get out of america for 12 years because of that targetting audio shit.

Came back with a stand up routine about ‘cold capitalism’ saying ‘where would I have been for 12 years if I wasnt getting raped?’…Thats the audio targetting problem…His stand up from before was too on point and made fun of those kinds of people too efficiently, then they attacked him using audio targetting…give him long speeches, cant turn off.

I’m not really a fan, but look what happened to Kayne West recently…all of a sudden he appears wearing a MAGA hat promoting Donald Trump, shortly after his wifes home was robbed, coming on stage saying he is in a ‘sunken place’ and talking about ‘mind control’ and ‘mind programming’…then continuing to promote Donald Trump…

I know it sounds stupid but that is the audio targettings effect on people. He has no choice but to say Donald Trump is so great because he needs the audio turned off. He cant even be too obviously sarchastic about it.

You are interpreting much into patterns with similarity it seem to me. Open filters in the mind can be very helpful for creativity, but sometimes the loose associations tend to drive too hard between the crests of possibilities and unwittingly-unfounded belief. Also I think such topics can be well over the mind, I’d for example rather not dabble in such stuff myself as it seem to high and dangerous for me, and move to south africa if I had enough certanity such sick orwell shit was going in my country.

I mean if such stuff was going, you would soon notice the stories in discussions in voice hearer’s networks, forums, mailing lists. Look into those, you will see many people know this stuff, and it is known since ever people begun daring to talk about it…maybe because priests stopped telling them it was a burden for their sins.

Also people would organise and try to test if going into mines or caves could bring relief, instantly or to prevent buildup from external control by radio waves, they’d scan the air or their electric devices like loudspeakers or monitors for patterns that could transmit control messages, mount contac mics to their heads to see if the skull is vibrating, or find some friend who is a doc to make an inofficial crt/mrt in the hospital to look for anomalies, or they’d try stay away from or analyse the media input that the affected people had in the time before the hallucinations happened if there might be sublime messages and control patterns for hypnosis like stuff going inside…I mean not even the most evil dictator would let such stuff loose on people before he is really sure on how to make them quiet about it. If it was what you proposed it would be possibly easy to prove to public and thus (yet…) too dangerous for the aspiring dictator.

Relax, what you describe is really possible with psychosis or hynosis, without any tech involved. It is that freaky, no fake, no drug can be compared, and unlike those it is almost never fun! I mean also the strange effects, the scanning you describe, the seemingly profane and ridiculus things transmitted. I experience psychosis as some kind of big invisible illusionist in the head trying to fool me into believing sick stuff all the time, and “he” does so with virtuosity and would often win for some time. Such things as you describe like doctors in the head or fascist teachings are rather normal (it seldom goes into detail, because it is just about the reaction of the listener…), it would be a strange thing though if many people heard right wing techings talked into mic by some cop in a very similar way.

You sound like you are very stressed about such things, maybe you should try to make some room in your life reducing work, take walks in the green, make some plans to change your life into ways that you like more than the current, you know what I mean. If you experience such voices yourself, try to strengthen your mind as much as you can, some tai chi and buddhist meditation stuff or the like, make people watch a little for you to make sure you dont drift out of control…what might happen in the following time might be very strenuous and dangerous, just as it might as well just stop and disappear at some point, after some crazy experience or just as sleeky as it probably came.