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WTF are we talking about?

Now you know TB just one of the things I was talking about. Pointless posts.

Finally a poet I can`t relate to

Now you know TB just one of the things I was talking about. Pointless posts.

Maybe we need a stricter moderator here?
4Tey for mod anyone?

Maybe you’d like to explain what kind of thing makes you see such images as you try to describe here. It sounds like stuff to not make one feel ok, or way too much ok… As you post stuff here, it might have a reason? Is it some kind of philosophical poetry from the subconscious? Or a way to make psychotic states conscious to be able to handle them in a better way? I am psychotic, and know writing out stuff and sharing it can help a little, or even a lot, in not having to believe in it all the time.

Maybe we need a stricter moderator here?

I often think about what would happen to this forum if we had the ability to delete each others posts/topics TB, or maybe at least be flagged in some way to be reviewed by an ‘impartial moderator’.

Trouble is with this thread (for one example) is that there is no context. There is no substantial reason for it (even in off-topic). If I posted just the opening of say Longfellow in a blank ‘off topic’:

Tell me not, in mournful numbers,
Life is but an empty dream!
For the soul is dead that slumbers,
And things are not what they seem.

(I’m not a fan of poetry btw) but I’m sure it is artistic genius, it looks like spam if I just posted that. I didn’t even start it off with ‘Oh, btw, I read this verse from Longfellow today…what do you think?’ or ‘I was writing my own poem today…what do you think?’ Maybe I’m ‘closed-minded’, but to me if there is no context (or anything/any question) then you can treat the result as spam/trolling/noise wasting space on a server.

4tey for president :drummer:

Just regard it as art as long as it does not hurt people and is not declared as another thing by the author. This is an art(ists) forum after all. Please only try to promote rules that are really nessecary… We all post strange stuff at times, don’t we, and if we do not, it should be strange enough that we have a lack of such things in us…

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This somehow doesn’t seem profane? In case it overwhelms you, take care not to seek help at places where they use conventional medication by force or discipline, it is very bad for the brain. Rather seek some hippies or the like who can watch for you, they will steal your money for pot but its ok. Just stay clear of spiritual cult people which will try to not only steal your money but even more. I know these states, I seem to have caught several of such foul seeds inside fighting each other in circles since many years, developing the whole shit into total chaos. And I know the medication, now for many years, it only works by half & I forget everything that I don’t immediately write down, and get more dulled out every day.

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Watch out for the annoying gaslighting problem…

Probably it comes from U.K bogan football thug midlife crisis.

( U.K bogan football thug may or may not include u.k police, psychiatry or politician )…

You know how it is in the u.k.


Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the target and delegitimize the target’s belief.

gas +‎ light. The verb sense derives from the 1938 stage play Gas Light, in which a husband attempts to convince his wife and others that she is insane by manipulating small elements of their environment.[/i]

Watch out for the annoying gaslighting problem…

Thank you. Renoised should read this thread.

Shouldn’t be mentioning gaslighting in moaning ways, without mentioning some kind of antidote, already be cosidered part of gaslighting by itself? I mean for one part, one cannot be deluded by other things than one already knows about, or is being pointed to. Gaslighting itself may be very confusing, but knowing about it can make one see it where it in reality isn’t present, or escalate the confusion into acts of loss of control.

In my opinion, there is no such thing as a person being “insane”. I think there’s always the “person”, of varying awareness vs blindness, and often additional types of paranoia of varying qualities. Paranoia is pure interpretation, sick paranoia is forcing the mind into such interpretation. Every human is like that I think, just with many shades and emphasises of what is possible. Oldschool psychatrists treating paranoid people like they’re “broken” only impair those persons’ self esteem in bad ways. While they should imho rather try to nourish it by declaring the mind as temporarily and partially polluted rather than broken - helping people to overstand their problems in proper ways, enabling them to let go of the unhealthy things they have to endure.

It is not to be taken lightly, getting lost in paranoia while awareness is blinded can mean severe suffering and danger to oneself or other people. Questioning paranoia in conscious ways, trying to see it on an additional layer/level whenever possible or nessecary, can help…as well as using awareness, common sense and proper reasoning to reevalute any circumstances that seem odd and strangely forcing - within the light of what can be truly known by oneself (and only by that), and what might be appended phantasms by some kind of fiction in unhealthy ways. Together with the ability to drop oneself back into the situation like a blank sheet of paper again and again, until the worries are overstood properly.

Spiritually “Enlightened” people often describe their state like a strong realisation of that effect - as “living in the moment”, which might have to do with them having managed to blow up their paranoia together with their ego somehow, and thus they are free from it, not having to reason about things all the time anymore. I myself do however find valueing a sane amount of awareness-guided, unobtrusive paranoia, and proper self reference. As well as the wish of keeping myself “as a whole” as well as self sufficient whenever possible. In reality that is not always sustainable, but then again, no state of mind will last forever as the mind is always flowing, ready to be reevaluated at later stages along the road…even when one missed an important branch just to find oneself lost in the wild.

I like such reasoning much better than ridicullously ambiguous poems.

I’m talking about actually being stalked and tracked online on every site you go to ever with weird far right commenters from fucking 4chan using wayback machine to record everything you have written even if deleted later and lurking all day recording log in times, ip addresses etc. Sending threatening private messages about jews, muslims, africans, east asians and so on…

The way they act is much like corrupt police and psychiatry working together. Systematic, structured harassment. Perhaps they are paid by politicians or people connected to large businesses anyway. Nuclear power companies, medical research companies, pharmaceutical companies, oil companies etc. Maybe some of it is american ICE and police online.

Then there is the full on targetting which has happened to some people working in embassies, consulates etc.

That is actually satellite tracking and facial recognition camera network, bank card, phone, everything, plus audio beam weapon to burst their eardrums, give brain damage and drive them mad, to discredit them, have them sectioned and locked up or to extract information through repetitive brainwashing followed by interrogation. Then there is the old school ‘street theatre’ etc.

much like renoised and encryptedmind plus so much more.

It happens if someone says publicly that they want the human right to privacy or that someone in particular is corrupt or deceitful…it pisses off corrupt people who want to take away privacy basically. Funnily enough, if you are like the U.K football thug goons and shout publicly ‘I want actual fascist dictatorship’, they will chill out and give you tv interviews and have police protecting you.

As a separate example, if you invented a solar panel that was so efficient it could replace power stations, you could very well have ‘power station company’ goons following you around and paying other ‘money minded thugs’ to fuck with you.

There is an extra level of fuckery which comes from human experimentation done by american psychiatrists as with MKULTRA, ARTICHOKE and so on…

Then there are the MKULTRAs of other countries…the level of fuckery is rising.

Wouldnt surprise me if they had a ‘satellite cancer ray’…If someone says something problematic like ‘dont want to go to war to protect dickhead businessmen’ they can just flip a switch and target you with x-ray give you cancer.

If you said that in 1990, people could just laugh it off as sci-fi fantasy, but now is 2018. Such technologies exist,

There are so obviously brainwashing weapons being used on populations in recent years as a way to aggrivate people and feed them propaganda in the build up to war ( or even as a way to create terrorism in a resource rich area, providing an excuse for military action in the area ).

Subliminal messages could be all over the place online (online video and audio is not regulated). Subliminal messaging may use ‘pulsing’ ( or something along those lines ) to get images into peoples subconscious minds, dream states and long term memory. Meme-like flashcards which encourage violence, racism or division of some kind but also short CGI animations which are also designed to encourage violence, racism or fear. ‘Test cards’ with simple geometric shapes, crosses, stars, QR code, barcodes.

There are also directed audio weapons which can be used in psychological warfare or even for advertising purposes.

Actually, directed audio is quite an old technology ( see link below ). Directed audio devices can be handheld or aimed at people from a satellite.

( " Sound from ultrasound is the name given here to the generation of audible sound from modulated ultrasound without using an active receiver. This happens when the modulated ultrasound passes through a nonlinear medium which acts, intentionally or unintentionally, as a demodulator.")

Some of the more advaned versions which use a type of ‘silent audio’ that can not be picked up using a microphone may rely on wifi signals and require the targetted person to be near a place with wifi routers, mobile communications masts or smartphone handsets. They may also rely on the person having been given a food or injection, gas, drink or pill containing a material that can be excited with wifi signals. If a person is not near a wifi signal, like out in a countryside area, it would be necessary to either use a satellite targetting system or to have people with smartphones ( or a satellite-phone like device ) on them, moving around close to the targetted person…within a few hundred meters.

I watched a couple of documentaries about targetted individuals and I really think it is not bullshit at all.

They all have one thing in common. They all came into contact with psychiatry at some point or made a public statement which was unfavourable to people or companies with power and influence. They were all being told they were shizophrenic but they all also claimed that there was no way it could possibly be hallucinations for a number of reasons. The ‘halucinations’ had vocabulary the targetted individual did not have and did not understand was one example.

The ‘hallucinations’ were structured like a police interrogation, the ‘hallucinations’ used terminology only used in psychiatry or the police force.

Some of the targetted individuals were saying that when they were in remote areas the directed audio could not aim that well, that it was ‘scanning’ and couldnt keep up with fast movements etc. That would indicate that it can be directed from a satellite in remote areas. In a city it can be directed extremely accurately, tracking people with credit card or phone or camera network.

The whole point of psychiatry is to study the living human brain which means they must use human experimentation to collect data.

If the phenomenon of people being purposefully targetted and brainwahsed by psychiatrists is taken to be true it would probably involve small particles in the pills they force people to take which get lodged inside neurons or at the synapses. Those particles could provide a kind of functional MRI in the presence of wifi signals. That is, the particles would interfere with wifi signals and brain activity, and that interference could be recorded and interpreted.

The particles may be radioactive as most of the pills people are forced to take are said to have a ‘half life’.

To use this kind of weaponry on the whole population, these kinds of particles could be added into supermarket foods. The wifi signals are now everywhere, so in theory if someone was thought to be suspicious they could get a functional MRI from that persons brain.

If they needed to interrogate someone without declaring a formal investigation they could use directed audio and observe the response to questioning in the brain using the functional MRI.

It could even be used to monitor ‘workplace stress levels’ and things of that nature.

It would be the ultimate fascist dystopian nightmare. A society in which all privacy is completely taken away with everything including thought itself being monitored and manipulated constantly. A high tech city in which people are not in control of their own minds and are forced to obey as ‘automatons’. The population would beleive that they are thinking for themselves, but in reality every memory and thought would be drawn from suggestions in the brainwashing. Big businesses would probably try to introduce it as ‘augmented reality’, or ‘a fast education program’ or ‘therapy’. It would influence decisions made by jury members, judges, politicians, everyone. It would change election results, create terrorists, start wars etc.

Its obvious members of government and military are known to lie constantly and use anything they can which can give them an advantage.

Why wouldnt they use this kind of technology if it was available to them? They are not exactly guided by ‘moral principles’, but their decision making is guided by the aquisition of profit and power.

If you had talked to a person in the 1950s about an MRI machine, they would all say you were crazy, but that technology is real.

If you described laptop computers to people in the 1930s they would have all said its crazy and delusional.

There are new technologies which can control the human mind.

Write fictional books about that stuff, it might one day inspire people like Orwell did and already does. People will love it instead of running away from like they would from pure theories, and the vision and your stance on it will not be lost this way. You will also see soon, that “casting the demons” into such matter can free the mind bit by bit.

Maybe you are right it could be made into a novel or fiction such as a screenplay.

You said earlier that you had experienced psychosis after coming into contact with a psychiatrist.

Is it abstract gibberish stuff or just paranoia or what?

Some of these people who are saying they are targetted have reported statements along the lines of :

“You have heroin in your apartment dont you? Where is it? Who did you buy it from? You bought it from [someone] didnt you?”

( targetted person had never used heroin )

“When you left the country, you went to northern iraq didnt you? There is a person who was in northern iraq who says he met you there. You know that person dont you?”

( targetted person had never been to iraq )

“You are involved in a terror network arent you? Your codeword is [some random word] isnt it?”

“Looking at my records I can see that you know [some person], what is your relationship with them? How do you know them?”

“You are a communist arent you? You are invoved in a communist plot arent you? You were involved in rioting werent you?”

This kind of sytematic interrogation could never be a hallucination.

You would expect hallucinations to be abstract like dreams.

Instead people are reporting directly saying “a policeman is interrogating me accusing me of terror and drugs offences, insisting that I am part of a communist terror network”…that kind of thing cant be hallucinations.