Seeking A Producer For Co-op Project

Someone told me not too long ago that eventually I’d start producing again after I decided to make the switch to engineering of music only a few months ago. He said I wouldn’t be able to help but start up again because I was happy to have started up again after I’d quit for some time a few years ago. OK, I’m not too sure about that last part, but I agree I do still have a highly creative and expressive side to me, as well as the need to produce running through my veins. ;)

But I don’t really want to produce on my own again because I know where that will lead. I’ve always been an engineer at heart and essentially it’s the part of the production process I like most. I’d always be concentrating far too much on the technical side of the mix and as a result the music suffered in one way or another.

So I’m wondering if anyone might be interested in a co-op project where you’d be in charge of the composition, and leave me to do the engineering side of the mix. I could compose a little too and provide ideas here and there, but really I want to be a part of a song where I decide specific reverb placement or other effects such as flangers and modulators etc.

Only rule is really that it should be something along the lines of electro/downtempo/ambient. I’d say progressive house or tech-house too, but I know not many people produce or even appreciate those styles of music.

I can provide any, as well as edit any samples too to get the best production quality possible, and with your composition skills we could quite possibly turn this into one hell of a track, both in terms of composition/arrangement and production quality. You’d be the producer and I’d be the engineer, just like is done in the pro scene. ;)

So is anyone even remotely up for something like this? :)

I’m always on the lookout for people to co-op with, working with Sewen has definetly given me lots of inspiration and motivation, so what the heck. :)

If you want to check out some of my older ideas and maybe see if you can get something better sounding outta them, be my guest. This is all XM with crappy samples, so it should be up your street to find new samples and redefine the sound based on the theme and melody I’ve already created.

Go ahead, knock yourself out, my stuff will be available on my ftp:

These are all songs that appeal to me on some level, and I feel is lost on my harddrive somehow… If you don’t like them, don’t work with them. ;) Also, if anybody else wanna have a go at them, go ahead and make my day!

have you ever got bored of making that same tune over and over again?

Well, I REALLY had limited samples when I made these… :P

What specificly did you have in mind, btw?
(f****, just spilled tomato juice all over my keyboard…)

Oh, but I do other stuff as well, this is just some old stuff I had laying around I want to see finished, but need outside-input to jump-start… here’s an example of other stuff. My problem is finishing up my shit… This is done with Sewen.

‘Liquid’ shows some high potential!

And I really like the beats in ‘Snap and Crackle’ …you know why… :)

Thanx, go ahead and ravage, plunder and steal or remake if you want to. :P

Hehe, do I know why?

I very much like the sound of _K_MITA.XM so far (just starting to check all the tunes out), but judging by the file size I take it the quality is quite low. I’m listening with multi-media speakers so can’t tell for sure. But I’m sure we could get better samples and transfer it all to Renoise…but I’ll see how all the other tracks shape up first.

…because it’s 2Step :)

Atlantis: Exellent, I’ve always loved the feel of Mita, kinda figured it’d be down your street. :) I think you’ll like Machtchugah as well, both have crappy sound quality tho… So I hope you have any good samples! :P

And Gilli, true… I’ve been inspired by 2-step ever since I heard Metalheadz for the first time. :D