Seeking general assistance w/ Kontakt-Renoise -audio routing workflow

I bought a drum instrument for Kontakt Player, which has its own 8 channel mixer inside that instrument (=has separate channels for kick, snare, hats etc.)

It offers the possibility to then route some or all of these onwards from here → to seperate channels inside the DAW (for example, when wanting to process just the snare but not the whole drum kit).

You select which channel you want the drum sound in question to be directed to - and the routing itself is configured with Kontakt Player’s output section.

So, Renoise works in stereo.

I was wondering about the best workflow or smoothest workaround for this. I’ve never really had the need to route single elements from within Kontakt to seperate channels, so I really don’t know how best to approach this or if this is even possible.


Trying to look into this but… I guess… This is not possible?

Unless I’m missing something obvious?

I tried ‘cloning’ VST Aliases of the original Kontakt instrument, and then using those on separate channels in Renoise. But VST effects have no, err, effect on these channels (with the aliases), just the original one.

Essentially, it looks like there’s no way for me to, for example, duck the hihat using the kick, with the signal follower - or insert a reverb to just the snare, etc. since these are all part of the same Kontakt instrument.

Go to “plugin” tab (select your plugin before,in the ‘instument’ list)

Then,in the left panel,at the bottom,you will find routing

Thanks, I got it working. Perfect!