Seeking Sound Card

I am looking for a soundcard to use with Renoise, my main requirement being that it can faithfully output the sounds from multiple VSTi tracks in Renoise, feeding it into some inexpensive studio monitor speakers. I will not be doing any recording so that aspect of the sound card is not important. I typically add tracks using my MIDI keyboard, so latency can be an issue which I assume ASIO drivers will overcome.

Currently I am just using the default onboard sound chips in my PC. My computer system:
Windows 7 64 bit
Core i7 CPU 2.67 GHz 6 Gigabyte memory

I have done some research on sound cards and was put off the M-Audio cards because of their driver issues with Windows 7 64bit.
I currently favor this card: E-Mu 1212M PCIe
E-Mu 1212M

Will this be enough to handle multiple tracks or is there another card which would work better with Renoise?

First, have a look at this:

It’s a free driver wrapper which can potentially give you ASIO latency from your onboard sound chip. Might save you some money if you don’t need the other features of a dedicated audio interface.

If you still want the EMU, I hear that it’s a decent product, though I have no personal experience with it.

I have that card though i upgraded to 1616M because i needed a more convenient interface. For me it’s perfect, it fulfills all my needs and does it very well.

Thank you both for the helpful replies. I am glad that the TheBellows is using it without problems. I will check out the ASIO4ALL drivers while I am waiting for the card to arrive.