Segment 1 Ep On My Bandcamp


I put some intense :yeah: >= 150 <= 180 bpm drilly breakbeat tracks in an ep on my bandcamp page:

Check it! :drummer:

In the coming days there also will be a free downloadable release on upitup with slower tracks.



thx 4 sharing.

Bookmarked for listening later. Going on some of your previous uploads I’m hoping my suspicion is correct that I’ll end up buying it after a listen ;)

Thanx guys B)

Hi Jonas, I had a listen. You probably know already that it isn’t really my thing, but at no point did I feel bored with it. Powerful editing on display. I enjoyed particularly the first half of Blahghg.

Thanks for taking the time to listen and respond Mr Mark! Appreciate it :)

listening in progress!!! very nice so far :walkman:

hey, congrats! I really like it, very good production and cool music!

Cheers :D