Okay, so now we’ve all argued about what’s best, Futurama or Simpsons. These are both great cartoons. Although when it comes to “REAL” series, there is no comparison to Seinfeld.

I wanna know what Seinfeld episode you people think is the best.

Me I think The Frogger machine is awesome. “He looks like a frog…” “So do you.”

Hehehehe :rolleyes:

Hey, and if you got any of the lines memorized, that’s cool too, write em up!

George:“None of the people in my family can pay for parkin, it’s a sickness. It’s like going to a prostitute. Why pay for something when if I apply myself, maybe I can get it for free?”

I agree! The frogger machine is one of the best episodes. It’s hilarious! :lol:

So my top episodes are:

  • Frogger machine
  • The episode which is backwards where they attend a wedding in India (I still haven’t seen all of this :( )
  • “The contest” where the whole gang make a bet on who can keep away from satisfying themselves for the longest time

I also found this episode guide to help you out. :)

i really can’t think of a favourite. so many of them are so, so great. :D

My favourit is the one where cramer is going take revenge on a laundry service. And tries to fill the machine with concrete instead of soap powder.
Its one of the first episodes…

What about favorite characters?

1st place George
2nd Elaine
3rd Kramer


“They’re in there! Laughing! Laughing and lieing!! They’re killing independant George!!! The worlds are colliding!!!”



While he gets pulled out of the cinema haha, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen


And who ever said Jerry was a bad actor is WAY wrong!! He’s a very natural actor B)

  1. George :lol:
  2. Jerry :D
  3. Elaine :)
  4. Kramer :blink:


Well, maybe I’m wrong then, but I think Jerry is a naturally bad actor ;)
and he even makes fun of that himself
he doesn’t even try to look serious, even when he’s angry he has that grin in his face… but i guess that’s what I like about him :lol:

Yup, he’s the least funny of them… But I think there’s a purpose behind it… It’t wouldn’t be the same without him. U 'now what I mean?

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