Select Line By Midi Control V0.02

Because I couldn’t believe this wasn’t in Renoise already, and somebody suggested I add the feature myself after I posted some suggestions at the Ideas subforum… here’s v0.01 of Select Line by Midi Control and also my second wandering into the brilliant & wonderful world of Renoise’s scripting API. You can now select a line (especially working well in patterns with length of 128 or “80” :D
Find the binding under Transport >> Playback and ‘scratch’ the way through your songs together with the standard select pattern midi mapping.
Also, I already submitted this to the Tools site but realised it’s not quite ready for that. Before I call it a version 0.10 it will have to work with patterns of any length. Next step after that is an option to always skip a whole ‘beat’ back or forth… And of course to keep the ‘block loop’ option intact et cetera.
I’m off to some beers now but if anyone wants to advance this overnight on saturday :P you’re invited.
(for me, it’s not going to be a total rewind/ffwd thing since my mpk doesn’t have infinite knobs)

I don’t get it, where can I find it?

In the quarantine box where only moderators have access to it.
The tool has not been approved by us yet.

I get this error when I go below 00

Otherwise it’s a very useful tool!

yep, awesome stuff! Why isn’t this implemented natively :slight_smile:

Put a recorder vst on your master out, sync and autoseek a phat breakbeat in a pattern, link this script to a midi-controller knob and record some live tweaking, instant win!

Yes, I have seen some errors now too although none for me gave a dialog box i think, just some stuff in scripting terminal. Probably renoise doesn’t show errors so lively when run in scripting dev mode? :D
anyways. I’ve revised the code and in a minute or so the tools website will have v0.02 :). With support for all types of pattern lengths, and ZERO out of bounds errors. If you manage to find one anyways please let me know :).

yes please ;D

Ey E.H.V.A.H. SDC, you can also post scripts in your posts :slight_smile: , those moderators are slow approvers! :wink:

If I could just make a very small suggestion: until you’re 100% sure that everything is running normally and there are no more bugs remaining, perhaps it’s a better idea to post your .XRNX as an attachment to this thread and then leave it for a few days while people test it out. Then once you’ve gotten a bit of feedback, fixed/tweaked a few things, etc., you can submit it as v1.0 to the tools site.

I’m the person handling the tools quarantine right now, and I don’t really mind checking things over to make sure that they’re ok, but if you’re going to be making small tweaks and resubmitting changes a few times, then it might be a better idea to just wait a while until you’re sure it’s ready. That way, people like Jonas don’t get frustrated while they wait for the tool to be OK’ed again and again, just because I’m away doing other things with my Sunday evening :)

By the way, I also have a quick suggestion for the script itself. Instead of repeatedly doing the call to your S() function which simply returns, it would probably be better to make a local reference to within your actual skip() function and use that instead, like so:

function skip(midi_message)  
 local rs =  
 local current_seq = rs.transport.playback_pos.sequence  
 local current_pat = rs.sequencer.pattern_sequence[current_seq]  
 local seq_length = rs.patterns[current_pat].number_of_lines  

(And so on…)

Yes new version is coming up

Hi. Thanks for the suggestions, and yes, I’ll do that for now.
Here’s the last version

very nice, i am buying a midi keyboard with endless knobs in a couple of weeks so that will put one of those knobs to good use with your tool!

Haha but like i said in first post, relative binding / ffwding is not available yet. And not my priority either. Let me know how well it works.

i’m not shure what you mean with your post, could you explain a bit more ?

This tool works on a per pattern basis. If you have multiple patterns, than using an endless knob with this script wont let you skip through patterns. (There is already a native solution in the midi mapping for selecting patterns btw, although it doesn’t skip lines).

allright i understand that. but it works well within the selected pattern i understand ? like if i would set the editstep to 0 and just scroll with the endless rotary knob through the pattern to the correct line and just hit the desired note on my midi keyboard in edit-mode.

if your tool allows me that that would be GREAT!

how do i use your tool, i don’t get it… i have it installed but can’t find where to select it or how to connect to one of my turnknobs. any help ?

connect midi interface
launch renoise and install the script.
press ctrl+m/cmd+m to bring up MIDI Mapping.
search for line
you should see Skip to Line in there and the little sine wave icon indicates a script created it.
click on it and move one of the knobs in your midi controller
it should indicate it has now been mapped.
close midi mapping and test it.

Support for rotary controllers would be swell :)

This is a great tool!
Is there a way to play (just the) current line with a MIDI command?
I imagine being able to scan through a pattern with this tool and have the notes play only when their line is selected would be a great thing to be able to do live.
As opposed to having Renoise always playing through the rest of the pattern from where ever you stop scanning.

Anyway, thanks for the tool!

i got it working and it works excellent!


i really like your tool but have run into a problem. when i press the record knob on my midi controller and turn the knob i have assigned to your tool the tool doesn’t change the line anymore but just moves the selection line. am i doing something wrong or is this ment to react like this ?

it would be so great if i could put in notes direct from my midi keyboard and move down to the correct line without having to switch from midi keyboard to computer keyboard.

and i have one feature request, it would be excellent if i could set how fast / slow it scrolls up / down when i turn the knob on my midi controller. your standard speed a just a tad bit too fast for me.